Co-creator of Chef’s Table and Street Food USA on how the show influenced his taste

According to Brian McGinn, one of the biggest dangers of being on the show is being surrounded by delicious food all the time. “Yeah, that’s rough. Play me the smallest violin in the world,” he joked during an interview.

The problem with eating all this delicious food is that the way he eats has changed. I’ve become quite the food snob,’ before finally admitting it was maddening. Surrounding yourself with so much good food, it’s no surprise that you can’t eat poor quality fast food.

As far as fast food goes, McGinn’s go-to is “a great place called Pollo a la Brasa, a wood-fired Peruvian roast chicken place near me. It’s the kind of place you walk into.” This certainly sounds amazing, and while it might not technically be fast food, McGinn probably knows this. Plus, the co-creators of ‘Street Food’, a show designed to showcase the best quick, affordable cuisine the world has to offer, find satisfaction in mass-produced frozen food. What can we expect? You might feel the same way after seeing some of the delicious dishes featured in the series.

Street Food USA is streaming now on Netflix.

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