Coastal Wind Link makes New Jersey a better place to live and work (PSEG Sponsored Content)

PSEG Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Lathrop Craig

For more than a century, PSEG has underpinned New Jersey’s economy as the Garden State has emerged as an urban manufacturing center and more recently transitioned into a suburban service economy. We chose New Jersey and are committed to supporting the state in everything we do. This aligns with the core values ​​of Thomas McCarter, the founder who founded his Public Service Company 119 years ago with a vision to make New Jersey a better place to live and work. .

Today, we are working with states to scale the clean energy economy to meet the realities of climate change, helping people use less energy and enabling a cleaner, safer, more reliable future than ever before. We are working towards our vision to

Governor Phil Murphy is in control. His vision is for New Jersey to become a clean energy leader, with offshore wind projects generating 40% of his state’s electricity by 2035. Achieving the governor’s goals will require building a comprehensive offshore wind solution.

Maximizing the use of offshore wind resources requires an offshore power grid that efficiently and reliably connects offshore wind farms to New Jersey’s existing onshore power grid. Rather than each wind farm running its own ‘extension cord’ to shore, an integrated approach can be lower cost, less environmental impact and more reliable.

Developing a comprehensive offshore wind power solution is no easy task. In fact, the offshore transmission approach being developed in New Jersey is the first of its kind in the United States. The New Jersey Public Utilities Commission is currently evaluating project proposals through a competitive process to select the best projects for New Jersey.

As predicted by Thomas McCarter, PSEG is ready to meet this challenge. In response, we are working with Ørsted to build Coastal Wind Link, an offshore grid uniquely designed to best meet New Jersey’s needs for decades to come. It is a series of innovative proposals for development.

Ørsted is a global leader in offshore wind energy, complementing PSEG’s deep New Jersey experience. Establishing its true roots in New Jersey, Ørsted has developed Ocean Wind 1 and 2 offshore wind farms and is deeply invested in the state’s clean energy economy and workforce. Together Ørsted and his PSEG are a one-of-a-kind team, with the deepest combination of experience in building transmissions on land and at sea. Ørsted has developed over 28 offshore wind farms and 17 offshore transmission systems in the oceans around the world. PSEG owns and maintains over 2,044 miles of underground and aboveground power lines, and our New Jersey-based utility has been recognized as the most reliable utility in the mid-Atlantic for the past 20 years.

Building transmission infrastructure in New Jersey requires more than technical know-how. We need strong relationships built over decades with communities, workers, unions and contractors in New Jersey. Our commitment is underpinned by our proven ability to build transmission projects on time and on budget, and to back that up, we have proposed a strong cost cap for this project.

New Jersey is the first state to adopt a statewide approach to offshore wind development. The unparalleled experience of the PSEG-Ørsted team ensures that major investments in offshore wind farms in New Jersey are safe bets.

In order to provide the highest level of resilience and reliability, we have developed an innovative transmission design that differs from other proposed projects. Our design includes a mesh grid approach. This is a successful initiative developed in Europe and brought to New Jersey by Ørsted and his PSEG. A meshed grid will connect the New Jersey offshore wind farm to multiple onshore interconnection points, creating the ability to instantly reroute power to keep it flowing even if power lines go down.

Coastal Wind Link enables each offshore wind farm to “plug and play” into the project in a highly efficient manner, reducing costs for utility customers. Additionally, the project accommodates future technological advances and avoids costly upgrades associated with the growth of offshore wind in New Jersey. Coastal Wind Link’s unique design elements help position New Jersey as a global leader in offshore wind power, improving resilience, cost savings, flexibility and reliability over time.

In keeping with Thomas McCarter’s vision, Coastal Wind Link will make New Jersey a better place to live and work. This will help power the economy of the future, create jobs for the state, and bring the benefits of offshore wind power to New Jersey residents.

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