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  • 620 13th Avenue in Charleston. Wyatt Wheeler in Paris to Timothy Daniel Whitmore Jr. in Charleston, $92,000.
  • 6193 E. County Road 1400N in Humboldt. Mark Otto of Florence, Colorado to Joseph Jess of Humboldt, $104,000.
  • 1313 Edgar Drive in Mattoon. (JM) II, LLC Series 6 Mattoon’s Mattoon Rentals, Mattoon’s Trust #5125, $360,000, as trustees of the Washington Savings Bank.
  • 965 4th Street in Charleston. Brooklyn Heights Apartments, LLC, Charleston to J&D Tunjunga LLC and 324 Leatrice LLC (Lakewood, CA) for $3,600,000.
  • 950 4th Street in Charleston. Melrose of Fourth Apartments LLC of Charleston to J&D Tunjunga LLC and 324 E. Leatrice LLC, both Lakewood, CA, $3,190,000.
  • 1305 4th Street in Charleston. Unique Home Properties, Inc. of Charleston to J&D Tujunga LLC and 324 E. Leatrice LLC (Lakewood, CA) for $2,910,000.
  • 916 S. 36th Street in Mattoon. From Thomas and Nancy Denney of Neoga to Kathleen Spear of Mattoon, $155,000.
  • 921 S. 19th Street in Mattoon. David Crews of Mattoon to Jaye Jansen of Mattoon, $45,000.
  • 2513 Moultrie Ave in Mattoon. Mattoon’s Colin and Caley Vandeventer to Mattoon’s Tomi Phipps, $64,000.
  • 400 Stanley Road, Mattoon. (JM) II LLC Series 6 Mattoon’s Mattoon Rentals to Mattoon’s Gregory Patterson and Andrew Patterson, $19,000.
  • 7059 E. County Road 1530N in Humboldt. From Tammy Kennedy of Champaign to Morgan Walker of Humboldt, $172,500.
  • 1607 Bell Avenue in Mattoon. Sullivan’s Chad Clevenger and Stephanie Clevenger to Mattoon’s Emily Gurley, $150,000.
  • 213 Hickory Lane in Mattoon. Donnie Davis of Sullivan to Nick Helbig of Mattoon, $85,000.
  • 586 N. County Road 1100E of Lerna. From Jason and Lori Wright of Mattoon to Alan Guyon of Cold and Toledo, $110,000.
  • 5 Brosam Drive in Charleston. Lewis and Susan Hankenson of Danville to Dorothy Tipsword of Charleston, $22,000.
  • about. PIN# 08-0-00581-000, his 37-acre farm in Charleston. From John A. Jenkins of Levert, Massachusetts to Bradley and Brenda his Morgan of Charleston, $130,000.
  • 2917 Cedar Avenue in Mattoon. Ronald and Kathryn Miller of Neoga to Honey Arnold of Mattoon, $69,900.
  • 1221 Jackson Avenue in Charleston. Initial Mid-Wealth Management of $210,000 to Quinn and Hannah Hussey of Charleston as Trustees of Barbara Corey Living Trust of Mattoon.
  • 501 Wabash Ave in Mattoon. $144,000 from Mattoon’s Lauren and Cyrus Hopper to Mattoon’s Norma Beil and Robin Raboine.
  • 1021 Jackson Avenue in Charleston. $60,000 from Scott Rentals, LLC of Toledo to Jacob Walker, Kaylee Javens, and James Javens of Charleston.

Source: Coles County Assessor’s Office

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