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  • 1308 Shelby Avenue, Mattoon. Christina Pamela Sudan Ballantini, Independent, Savoy to Arch Regency Properties, LLC Mattoon’s Series I, $55,000.
  • 1605 Edgar Ave in Mattoon. $78,000 from Michael and Teresa Edwards of Mineral Point, Missouri to Sean Taur and Jill Mason of Mattoon.
  • 1700 Piat Avenue in Mattoon. From Fred Leonard, Independent Manager of Mattoon’s Shirley A. Leonard Estate to Mattoon’s Fred Leonard and Kelly Leonard, $23,000.
  • Humboldt’s 706 Church. Humboldt’s Paula Hall, Mattoon’s Nolan Hines, Humboldt’s Kim Brooks to Juan Gonzalez, $25,000.
  • 1400 Rue Champaign, Mattoon. Douglas and Amy Overmyer of Mattoon to Cheyanna Kingery of Mattoon, $45,000.
  • 648 Division Street in Charleston. Brian and Amber Huston of Charleston, Tina Huston of Peoria Heights to Ashley Crow of Charleston, $92,900.
  • 1021 Westgate Drive in Charleston. Dennis and Nancy Grant of Charleston to Charles and Linda Warner of Charleston, $132,000.
  • 628 W. Grant Avenue in Charleston. Chris Clayton of Charleston to Premier Properties Investment Holdings, LLC of Charleston, $135,000.
  • PIN #08-0-00275-000, a 22-acre vacant lot in Charleston. State Bank of Arthur #500 to Cross-Harr, LLC of Arthur, $120,000.
  • 1066 Osage Road in Charleston. Estate from Paulette Najarian of Orlando, FL to Alyssa Ailey of Charleston, $125,000.
  • 209 Adams Avenue in Charleston. James Crowder of Charleston to Mitchell Reuters of Champaign, $30,000.
  • 2314 University Drive in Charleston. Adam and Jaime Cushing of Chapel Hill, NC to Seth Reedy and Jami Goetten of Charleston, $389,000.
  • 115 N. Teeter Street in Auckland. Newman’s Robert Michaels to Oakland’s Michael Huff, $75,000.
  • 2121 Charleston Avenue in Mattoon. Wesley Mefford of Mattoon to Sears Capital, LLC of Paris, $30,000.
  • 10378 E. County Road 450N of Lerna. Jon Elliott of Lerna to Henry Unkraut of Mattoon, $40,000.
  • 800 N. 27th Street in Mattoon. Mattoon’s Gretchen Decker joins the Washington Savings Bank as trustee of Mattoon’s Land Trust #5133, $490,000.
  • 18801 State Route 16, Charleston. Monahan Freedy Properties, LLC of Mahomet to Larry Clapp of Ashmore, $325,000.
  • about. PIN# 02-1-01834-005, his 19-acre farm in Charleston. From the University of Illinois Urbana Foundation to Mattoon’s Cody and Heather Kirkeng, $96,515.
  • 33 Westwood in Mattoon. $5,000 from the city of Mattoon to the Coles County human settlement in Charleston.
  • 117 Main Street, Lerna. Robert Wortham of Allenville to Robert and Christi Fisher of Lerna, $135,000.
  • Lot 18, Buxton Centre, Mattoon. Edwin Buxton, II, Charleston Trustee, Tammy Merrell, Trustee, Bradenton, Florida, Robin Tyner, Exeter, New Hampshire, to Casey State Bank of Casey, $210,000.

Source: Coles County Assessor’s Office

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