Column: Spring 2022 New York Fashion Week Will Try to Maintain Diverse Standards

Models who shined on various sports runways Designers setting trends Tanner Fletcher, Ekhaus Latta and Peter Doe attended New York Fashion Week (NYFW) from February 11th to February 16th. new name I’ve also had the opportunity to shine like some respected designers like Bach Mai and Bruceglen. Marc Jacobs and Rodarte could not attend.

NYFW was ready to adapt this year.the event is new normal,” that is hybrid model 27% of the shows are fully digital and the rest are face-to-face. Strict COVID-19 regulations Mandatory masks, mandatory proof of vaccinations, PCR testing within 48 hours of the event, etc. As a result, the venue was not as crowded as the usual showcase, Badgley Mischka co-founder and designer James Mischkatold Glossy Magazine that it would have been better if the room was full of people deemed successful.

“We didn’t just want to fill the room. We wanted it to be important people,” Mishka said.

Diversity was more pronounced at this NYFW. Designers in attendance emphasized people with different skin types, body types, and disabilities. ideal body shape That society, and mostly the fashion world, is setting out for women to achieve.

fashion spot report “New York Fashion Week Spring 2022 Brings Diversity Back Together“New York Fashion Week Spring 2022 is even more diverse with more shows in terms of race, size, age and gender,” it said. That said, the report notes that the pandemic has resulted in smaller shows this year and less diversity overall than in 2021.

Nevertheless, “Spring 2022 New York Fashion Week will be the second most diverse season on record, with 55.5% of models of color making up,” he said. fashion spotThe most diverse season was Spring 2021 with 57.1% models in color.

Luckily, six of the top 10 models on this NYFW runway (those who share the top spot at each of their 10 shows) are color modelThis is a big step towards having an accurate representation within the fashion industry.

As our editorial rep explained with reference to the Diversity Report, “The Spring/Summer 2022 runway will be 48 plus size models — which might seem like a step in the right direction compared to the six plus-size models who walked the previous season.

With so many different skin and body types represented, the fashion world isn’t as diverse as it should be. past recordsNYFW’s Spring 2020 Diversity Report 68 plus size modelsand holds the highest record for body expression. New York Fashion Week 2022 should have taken previous stats into account and incorporated them when casting models.

This year’s NYFW continued to challenge beauty standards by including disabled people on the runway. On TikTok, her trending influencer Sarah Carolyn said her sister Emily youngest teen Walking New York Fashion Week with Down Syndrome. Sarah herself walked the runway with Emily, representing the LGBTQ+ community and recovering from addiction. The Week itself does not advertise this event.

New York Fashion Week 2022 is The Promise of the Fashion World built-in Diverse models on stage Even if it wasn’t as rich as pre-pandemic representation. Major runway events need to emphasize diversity even more to maintain the status quo in the fashion world. Individuals should be able to see these events and imagine themselves as models. We are all different and this diversity must be celebrated.

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