Commissioner, Camden City Announces Efforts to Remove Illegal Soil and Debris Stockpiles

Commissioner, Camden City Announces Efforts to Remove Illegal Soil and Debris Stockpiles

(Camden, NJ) – A Memorandum of Understanding was recently signed between the City of Camden, the Camden Redevelopment Authority (CRA), Camden County and the NJDEP to clear some assets of the 70,000 tons of illegally stockpiled materials. was opened. Around Bergen Square in Camden City, specifically at:

  • 619-635 Chestnut Street
  • 618 Mount Vernon Street
  • 602, 607, 605 Chestnut Street
  • SS Chestnut 60 E 6th Street
  • 624-644 Chestnut Street
  • 604 Chestnut Street
  • Northwest Sycamore and Seventh Avenue
  • 601-609 Sycamore Street
  • 619 Sycamore Street

“By beginning the process of rehabilitating this site that criminals decided to reclaim in the middle of the Bergen Square district, we can move forward to provide the district with the environmental justice it deserves,” said the commissioner. ‘s Jeff Nash said. “Finally, if possible, take 70,000 tons of toxic material and dump it in the front yard of the president of the company that caused this mess. Today is just the beginning of this battle, and we will fix this site completely.” We will hunt down and hold accountable the criminals who polluted this lot while we work to protect it.”

Environmental threats pose significant health and safety risks to residents due to potential exposure from toxic substances migrating from the site through airborne dust and soil waste erosion.

A court order directed the current owner, Weyhill Realty Holdings, to take immediate corrective action to address the unhealthy environment and unsafe conditions imposed on nearby residents. With no action taken to date, the parties to the memorandum are taking steps to protect the public.

The memorandum will allow the city, county and CRA to move forward with an aggressive remediation and cleanup plan, and Camden Mayor Victor Carsterfen will announce the details and timing of the removal plan in the coming weeks. It’s a schedule.

“We are pleased to announce the signing of the MOU as this is a major step towards finally addressing this unacceptable situation,” said Carstarphen. “Illegally dumped materials pose a continuing threat to the health, safety and well-being of communities and have a detrimental impact on the entire city. But we can’t leave this public health monster alone until it’s resolved in court.Camden County Commissioners, Camden Redevelopment Authority, Commissioner Sean Latourette and NJDEP are real good partners. This situation has been going on for far too long and my administration is taking bold action and we will do well for the City of Camden and its residents.”

DEP Commissioner Shawn LaTourette discussed the negative impact the mountain has had on the community.

“This mound of mud and debris has long had a direct impact on the quality of life of residents in the area and must be removed,” Latourette said. “The Murphy Administration will support this important effort to finally rid communities of this ugly health hazard and to correct the environmental injustice imposed on one of the overburdened communities. To do.”

Camden County Health Officer Paschal Nwako deployed departmental resources to the site last year to outline the issue.

“By getting rid of this mound of dirt, people in the surrounding area will feel safer, and the neighborhood along Chestnut Street will feel safer,” Nwaco said. “This mound of dirt should never have existed. Removal of this material would strengthen and improve the city as a whole. Nor will the mayor and commissioner accept this type of criminal activity anywhere in Camden County.” It also sends a clear message that

As outlined in the MOU, if the private property owner fails to address the stockpile, the CRA, acting as an agent for the City of Camden, will have access to the site to identify the characteristics of the stockpile and ultimately properly disposed of. In addition, the City has approved foreclosure proceedings against Responsible Sites, and the City intends to take ownership of all affected properties upon completion of the foreclosure proceedings.

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