Community Health Systems Inc. Closes ShorePoint Health Venice

Community Health Systems Inc., based in Franklin, Tennessee, has announced the closure of ShorePoint Health Venice, effective September 22nd. Emergency services he will end at 7:00 am on August 29th.

VENICE — Community Health Systems Inc. will be closing the ShorePoint Health Venice hospital effective September 22nd and suspending emergency services beginning August 29th at 7am.

The hospital company will continue outpatient services, particularly at Shorepoint Health Park on Jacaranda Boulevard.

In a news release, hospital officials pointed to changes in healthcare services available in the area, particularly the opening of the new Sarasota Memorial Hospital Venice campus last November, as the reason for the closure.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital Venice: Campus preparing to open fulfills artistic vision

A while ago:CHS buys hospital from HMA for $7.6 billion

ShorePoint Venice CEO Kelly Enriquez spent most of Monday answering questions from employees in various departments at the hospital.

ShorePoint Venice CEO Kelly Enriquez spent much of Monday morning answering employee questions about plans to close the hospital on September 22nd.

In a statement, Enriquez said, “Over the years, Shorepoint Venice employees have provided exceptional care to the residents of Venice. We are extremely grateful for their dedication and compassion.

“Retaining our valued team members is our number one priority during this transition,” she added.

A network of doctors who continue to see patients in clinics in the Venice region

Current plans call for members of the ShorePoint Medical Group network of specialists to continue to see patients in clinics in the Venice area, and how the hospital can work with one of the remaining hospitals, ShorePoint Port Charlotte. I’m looking for something

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