Connecticut drought conditions worsen

With no rain, drought conditions in Connecticut have reached dangerous levels.

Experts say this is the region’s worst drought since 2016, when water had to be pumped from various parts of the state.

On Thursday, state agencies addressed these dangerous situations.

“This motion moves New London and Wyndham into Stage 3,” said Martin Hoeft, chair of the Connecticut Interagency Drought Workgroup.

The Connecticut Interagency Drought Workgroup decided Thursday to move Windham and New London counties to a Tier 3 drought level. Stage 5 is the worst. The rest of the state is in Stage 2.

The National Weather Service has pushed Fairfield and New Haven counties from extreme dryness to moderate drought.

The Connecticut Interagency Drought Workgroup feels the need to work closely with the state’s local governments to monitor these situations.

Lori Mathieu of the Connecticut Department of Public Health said:

According to the Aquarion Water Company, Easton’s four billion gallon reservoir is several feet lower than normal.

“We need to make sure people continue to save water. Once we are deep into the drought it will be too late, so it is important to save the water we have now,” said Aquarion Water Company. George Logan said.

According to Aquarion, this year’s August was one of the driest on record. Utilities are asking customers to limit outdoor and indoor water use.

The National Weather Service says 75% of the state is in severe drought conditions.

Aquarion asks customers to limit the number of times they water their lawns to twice a week.

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