Connecticut’s sales tax exemption week kicks off ahead of back-to-school shopping frenzy

Just in time for back-to-school shopping, Sunday was the first day of Connecticut’s sales tax exemption week.

What is consumption tax exemption week? Retail purchases of most clothing and footwear items priced under $100 are exempt from sales and use tax. This applies to each eligible item under $100, regardless of the number of items sold to the customer.

“This is Christmas in August, and this represents real savings, especially for moms and dads. [kids are] We’re getting ready to go back to school,” Gov. Ned Lamont said at a news conference Wednesday.

Due to high inflation this year, some stores are offering additional discounts. Hawley Lane Shoes tells News 12 that this is usually one of his busiest times of the year for them. However, he offers discounts on items over $100 because most items are not under $100.

Joe Gradia, co-owner of Hawley Lane Shoes, said, “The base is up to $100, but what we’re doing is discounts beyond that. It’s actually better than tax-free.” increase.

David Levy, co-owner of Hawley Lane Shoes, said:

The one-week sales tax exemption period ends on August 27, marking the second time this year that Connecticut has provided a one-week sales tax exemption period. Last time was in April.

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