Cool and comfortable weather continues.Slight chance of showers in East End

What’s New: Most of the island will be cloudy for most of the day. However, in the East End there are isolated or scattered showers during the morning hours.

what’s next: No “drought-blowing heavy rains” for the rest of the week and into the weekend. The chances of rain next week are slim, but they look promising. Sadly, the drought will continue.

stormwatch team Meteorologist Addison Green says today will be cool and comfortable with possible showers.

today: Most of the island will be partly sunny to mostly cloudy, with a chance of light rain in the morning in the East End. Highest: Late 70’s. Lowest: Mid 60’s. Sunset: 19:48

Thursday: Clear to partly cloudy skies with northwesterly winds for most of the day. Enjoy it before the humidity returns. Best: Late 80’s. Lowest: Mid 60’s.

Friday: Sunshine and humidity rise slowly throughout the day. Best: Mid 80’s. Minimum: 60+.

Saturday: The sun mixes with the clouds and it feels like a typical summer day. Warm and a little muggy. Best: Mid 80’s. Minimum: 60+.

Sunday: Partly cloudy, with more clouds in the afternoon. Best: Mid 80’s. Low: Late 60’s to early 70’s.

next week: More chance of rain Monday through Tuesday, but unlikely to significantly affect the drought scenario. Highs: Mid 80’s to lows.

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