Coop City Residents Remember Deceased Taxi Driver As Beloved Active Community Member

The 52-year-old Kuching Gima’s home had a gloomy atmosphere as family and community members stopped by to pay their respects.

Gyimah was just starting work early Saturday morning when he dropped off passengers at Beach 54th Street and Urban Boulevard in Far Rockaway, Queens.

Police said the passengers tried to evade taxi fares and when Gyimah chased them, they attacked him.

He then hit his head on the ground and died.

Police are currently looking for five suspects.

Members who visited the mourning family said Gyimah and his wife were very active members of the Methodist United Church of Ghana and had never missed a day of church.

They described him as a hardworking man who always took care of his family.

Daniel Obeng, Gyimah’s children’s godmother, said the taxi driver was supporting his family at home and abroad. He said the rate avoiders’ behavior would affect not only Gima’s family, but also people abroad.

The taxi company Gyimah worked for, Big Apple Taxi Fleet, said it would cover Gyimah’s funeral expenses, and the church also plans to hold a memorial service during the most difficult time for the family.

Giemaa left behind four young children and a grieving wife.

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