More Lawsuits Planned Against SEGI CEO Edward A. Sylvan; Director of SEGI

dubai,United Arab Emirates, Los Angeles, August 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — on August 3, 2022Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mark A. Young made a default judgment on $2,522,525.26 In support of All N Sports Services, LLC d/b/a Core Sports, against Sycamore Entertainment Group, Inc.

The lawsuit arose from SEGI’s failure to pay license fees for a boxing match held in Tokyo. dubai March 2022. Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson, two former winners strongest man in the world Contests. SEGI live-streamed the fight, but without a nominal payment $11,500has failed to make contractually agreed payments to Core Sports; $2.5 million license fee.of April 2022CEO of SEGI Edward A. Sylvan Sent wire transfer confirmation to Core Sports $1.5 million, promised that payment was imminent. That telegram confirmation is now known to be a hoax and was probably sent to trick Core Sports into believing that SEGI intended to fulfill its obligations.

Commenting on the ruling, Core Sports CEO said: Don Idris “Core Sports, like all hardworking vendors involved in the fight, with the exception of SEGI itself, have fully fulfilled their obligations to SEGI. , This particular battle is the reason why we are currently investigating claims against SEGI’s officers and directors, as well as individuals and entities that SEGI believes will help protect its assets.”

Core Sports Litigation Attorney, Stephen A. Heath of Los Angeles, Californiabase heath steinbeckLLP said: Edward Sylvan It is not suitable for running a lemonade stand, let alone a listed company. After filing this lawsuit June 2, 2022, quickly obtained bank records showing that SEGI uses another company, Silau LLC, to receive and pay cash. We are closely reviewing this arrangement with a view to bringing further legal action against SEGI’s officers, directors and advisers, as well as against Silau, LLC itself. ”

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