Corina Strada’s NYFW Show at Angelica

Photo: DeSean McClinton-Holland

Gloria Gra (pictured above)
student, flatbush

What do you do outside of school?
i am a stylist I’ve been calling it that since October. Basically, last summer was my Toxic Party Girl phase. I made this rapper friend and we were sitting at her house. And I was like, ‘You literally have a white-furred Demonia in your closet. I put together an outfit for her. Then Governors got a message from someone asking if she could style it for the ball. Then I got a message from someone else. I ok bet!

Where did you prepare today?
Because at the daycare bathroom where my mom works, near Essex Crossing, they have these huge bathrooms. Her colleague was like, “Where are you going?” I was like, “Oh, I’m a stylist. I’ve been invited to a fashion show.” I know he probably was, what is she doing Well, I was feeling myself listening to flickering hyper pop.

Justin Hager

artist, ridgewood

Becky Akinyode

Stylist, Crown Heights

Caroline Vasana

Author, Staten Island

Please tell us about your career.

I worked at teen vogue When instyle, But everyone whispered. Instagram. So I started posting more, and my first non-quote influencer job was Wendy’s. I wanted to stop eating salads at Wendy’s.

Thomas Shiozaki

Content Creator, Flatbush

Danny Bowen

Lower East Side Chef

why are you here

My girlfriend is on the show. I’m just tagging. I actually walked in for Corina Strada for a year, the year Hayley Williams from Paramore was on it. This year, I was just dining in the audience. They handed out little Nestle chocolate covered ice cream balls.

olive perry

stylist bushwick

Katya Tolstova

Fashion influencer Bensonhurst

Kathleen McCain Engman

model, chicago

Maria Bobilla

Fashion Editor, Los Angeles

Jazmyn Rogers

Content Creator, Bedford-Stuyvesant

Rosie German

Fashion Editor, East Village

Karen Resta

writer, bay ridge

How does New York compare to other fashion weeks?

Street photographers are very different in Paris. They usually stay in their own set-up of the show her space and when they see someone who wants to stop (usually a girl in a very short skirt) they all start screaming at the same time.Arete! Arete! Arete! Arete!

jalil johnson

Fashion Assistant, Prospect Park South

What are the highlights of the week?

Batsheva event at Casa Cipriani. Molly Ringwald, Hari Neff and Maud Apatow were there. And thanks to Cobra Snake, I remember being photographed by him during his Tumblr phase in 2014.

Peyton Dix

Social Director at Bedford-Stuyvesant

chris lee

Vintage seller and stylist, Park Slope

Lee Young Ji

rapper, soul

vienna sky

Model, Upper West Side

Christine Leano Hager

artist, ridgewood

What kind of art do you do?

beadwork. Many of the shops in the Garment District have sadly closed, but my favorite, Touhou Shoji, is still open. Everyone is making things, so they have a lot of knowledge. Sometimes I go out with hundreds of beads in my bag.

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