Correct way to defrost frozen food

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Whether you’re freezing large amounts of leftovers for a party, preparing meals for the week, or apocalyptic preparations for the end of civilization, freezing food in advance can come in handy. . The only downside is that when it comes time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, There are ice blocks that will fade your meal if not approached with proper technique.

Depending on the dish, there is also a method of thawing frozen food without wastefully deteriorating it.Here are some tips to keep it as pristine as possible. Maximize flavor and texture.

How to thaw frozen soup

The other day, I preparing lunch. was frozen container of Pozole, I was going to defrost overnight and for lunch the next day. Me I put it in the fridge in the evening. start thawingUnfortunately, the refrigerator did not thaw the pozole sufficiently. and in the morning i was still frozen three-dimensional mass soup.

I might hit my forehead instinctively soon I said that I should have thawed the soup at room temperature, FDA warns This is not a safe way to defrost food. Instead, if time permits, it is ideal to thaw the soup in the refrigerator two days in advance. It is recommended that you decompress it by pouring it over.

How to defrost meat

For a long time, I was unknowingly on the verge of addiction. how do you ask?I thought I could defrost the chicken faster by putting it in a warm water bath or defrosting it as needed faster, I put it in boiling water. It’s not a big deal-no, according to Department of Agriculture.

Remember when your mom asked you to take the meat out to defrost it for dinner? How to quickly forget and remember at the last minute Do it in a hurry before she gets home from work? Now, Just kidding, M.Oh. Leave the chicken—or raw meat—out odefrosting counter is not recommended.

A better and faster way to defrost meat is to put it in the microwave. But watch it carefullyRaw meat thawed in the microwave should be cooked immediately to reduce potential bacteria. That’s it. This is what the USDA says is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. The danger zone is the range between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. explored Previousand thawing methods that hold food at this temperature for more than a few minutes should be avoided if possible.but in a little Precision and care, you can cook No matter how forgetful you are, enjoy frozen meals until the last minute. in your meal preparation.

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