Craftsmanship is still in vogue in Zaragoza

more and more customers appreciate it handmade clothes and accessories and personal. Craftsmanship is being reassessed, and leather working, fabric painting and espadrilles making are already commonplace in shops in the capital, Zaragoza.

This is the case with Georgina Alfaro, who has been embroidering espadrilles all her life. It’s part of the family business. Success is taking care of your customers and personalizing each shoe, “We continue to sew stitch by stitch, stitch by stitch, as before. I think we can move on,” explains Alfaro.We keep tradition, but we have to Adapting to new trends in the fieldthey handle all kinds of orders and orders.

And in a small leather craft workshop in Valdejo, leather is the star, Carlos Valdejo has worked for 40 years and appreciates his customers. He knows he can’t compete with supermarkets, but he’s confident in the quality of his products. “If people don’t come to buy my product, it doesn’t do any good. It’s fair.” that people believe in our technologyBecause it’s really craftsmanship,” he explains. Protecting the value of craftsmanship every day, we sew and manufacture bags and wallets.

As Christina Ventemilla, owner of Artesania Circa, does with silk. Prepare the materials and start painting the scarf. With a hairdryer in hand, she outlines the details. His story is commercial, he says. ,I work because it’s fun, I can’t say more. We craftsmen have to live and earn, but above all we have to be happy with our work,” he argued.

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