Culver co-founder pledges $1 million to mental health services in South Central Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin (WMTV) – Culver co-founder Lea Culver and her three daughters donate $1 million to expand mental health care at UnityPoint Health — Meriter.

The funds Culver pledged Friday will be used to expand Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (CAP) at UnityPoint Health — Meriter to improve mental health services in South Central Wisconsin. According to Unity Point Health, this donation is in response to the unprecedented demand and need for these services.

“It is heartbreaking to know that so many vulnerable children are at risk. The need for compassionate mental health care for children and their families is critical. And we all have to do what we can,” said Dr. Katie Schmidt, CAP’s medical director.

According to Meriter, funding from Culver will expand the CAP program and include family support groups, four-hour daily treatment planning, emergency family resource and patient action scholarships, and two years of ongoing holistic therapy programs. It will include costs. .

“This incredible gift will help expand creative, evidence-based treatment options to meet children on their personal journey to health and wellness,” said Dr. Schmidt. I got

CAP officials say the funds will also help providers care for children who have returned to classrooms struggling with the upheaval that COVID-19 has brought to schools.

This pledge is the largest the CAP has received to date, and anyone interested in additional please visit

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