Cusp real estate partner on the side of providing a full service experience to Southern California buyers and sellers

Jeremy Tuite, Founder of Cusp Real Estate

Jeremy Tuite, Founder of Cusp Real Estate

The side’s focus on helping build businesses from the ground up was a key attraction of this partnership

Cusp Real Estate today announced a partnership with Side. Side is the only real estate technology company to exclusively partner with high-performance agents, teams and independent brokers to transform them into market-leading boutique brands and businesses. The partnership will give Cusp Real Estate, a profit-maximizing, personalized advisory firm, access to the industry’s most advanced platform.

Cusp Real Estate was founded by Jeremy Tuite. Jeremy Tuite started his real estate career in Illinois in 2000 and moved to Southern California in 2016. His empathy-based strategy fueled Tuite’s business His approach improves and advances the lives of clients, builds relationships with communities, and builds relationships that last long after the deal closes. Tuite outperforms even the most seasoned professionals. To date, he has impacted his sales of over $500 million and currently holds the record for the highest single-family home sales in his College District of Lower Ventura. Cusp Real Estate is his Tuite’s latest venture.

Cusp Real Estate only works with agents who combine friendliness, honesty, extensive real estate knowledge and strong bargaining power. The team prepares and analyzes all potential outcomes and leverages significant transaction milestones to the benefit of the client. Cusp Real Estate also provides full-stack support for agents, allowing them to maintain a work-life balance while providing personalized service to their clients.

Partnering with Side ensures that Cusp Real Estate remains at the forefront of the evolving real estate market and continues to offer premium services to its clients. Side works behind the scenes with proprietary technology, deal management, branding and marketing services, public relations, legal support, lead generation, vendor management, infrastructure solutions, and more. In addition, Cusprial Estate joins an exclusive group of side partners, leveraging an extensive coast-to-coast network.

“The focus on the aspect of helping build a business from the ground up was a key attraction of this partnership,” said Tuite. “We are now able to provide our clients with the local expertise and market insight they need to succeed, as well as the cutting-edge marketing, technology, management and legal services they need to succeed in today’s industry. rice field.”

About Cusp Realty

Cusp Real Estate is a full-service advisory firm serving buyers and sellers throughout Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles counties. Our team of rigorous agents listens to understand our clients’ wishes and fears in a relaxed and carefree environment, fully focused on our client’s vision and utilizing all of our resources to help bring it to life. increase. Strategy, foresight and hard work guide the team’s process and instill confidence in collaboration. For more information, please visit

About the side

Behind the scenes, Side exclusively partners with top performing agencies, teams and independent brokers to create and grow your own boutique brand without the cost, time or risk of running a middleman. is an intermediary platform for Side’s unique technology platform and best-in-class support solutions enable agent partners to be more productive, grow their business and focus on serving their customers. Side is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, please visit

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