Dane Co. Board Approves $2 Million Food Pantry Assistance

Madison, Wisconsin (WMTV) – A $2 million COVID-19 relief fund was set aside Thursday night to help support local food pantries as rising food prices drive demand.

Dane Co. supervisors approved an American Rescue Plan funding allocation to support the nonprofit Food Panties. Additionally, the Badger Prairie Needs Network will receive nearly $100,000 to help organizations purchase trucks that can collect food from donation sites.

“Through this program, we hope to ensure that food pantry shelves are well stocked and provide local food pantries with the financial boost they need to serve their communities during this difficult time,” said Kyodo. CEO Joe Parisi explained in a statement about the initiative. .

The county’s growing need for food pantries dates back to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, when unemployment increased the use of food banks. Now, with high inflation, more people are in need of help to close out their food budgets. As a result, higher demand means your pantry needs more food, and higher prices mean you have to pay more.

“Many households in Dane County are facing economic stress due to rising prices. Our local food pantry works around the clock to provide residents with affordable, nutritious food. It’s working, but I need more support.

The statement made to qualify the organization must be a charitable, tax-exempt, non-profit organization dedicated to food security. The Dane Co. Department of Human Services will provide qualified pantries with information on how to apply.

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