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Daniel Kaluuya fears being ‘forgettable’.

The 33-year-old actor is one of the most sought-after stars in the film industry, but Daniel is only interested in making movies that have a meaningful impact.

The London-born actor, who received critical acclaim for his performance in Jordan Peele’s Get Out, said, “I’m not afraid of the bad. [I’m in] Fear of being forgotten.

“You know, it’s like spending hours and hours on something and people saying ‘huh’ and going on with their lives.

“So the fact that we’re making a movie stays with you, whether it stays in your mind, stays in your mind, or whatever it is.”

Daniel has reunited with Jordan, 43, for the new horror movie Nope.

Both have enjoyed considerable success in recent years, but their personal dynamics have remained largely unchanged.

Daniel told Sky News:

“But in terms of the set, in terms of the characters, in terms of the scenes, we just did the same things as before. [focused on] How do you make this work and how do you deliver the characters to the audience?”

Meanwhile, Daniel has previously admitted that he felt the fame was “disorienting”.

The actor explained that he is still adjusting to his status as a movie star.

“I didn’t get into this job to wear a suit or shake hands. It’s disorienting. But more often than not, where you’re from.”

“After ‘Get Out’, I finished ‘Black Panther’ and returned to the mansion.” [in north London where he grew up]Then I was nominated. Kaboom! Who am I? I had to understand that what happened was permanent. ”

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