David Thion, Producer of Palme d’Or Winner Anatomy of a Fall, Preparing Guillaume Senay’s Japanese Set Une Part Manquante

David Sion, French Producer of Palme d’Or-winning Justine Triet’s Anatomy of a Fall, Reunites with Guillaume Senay for Tokyo-Set Drama, Une part manquante do. for the movie We are represented in the international market.


Une part manquante also reunites Senez with popular French actor Romain Duris, who starred in the 2018 film Our Struggle and was nominated for the César Award. Brussels-based Bee Four Films sold Senez’s feature debuts The Keeper and Our Struggles in most major territories and screened them at back-to-back international film festivals.


Jay, played by Duris, has not seen his daughter for nine years since he separated from his Japanese wife. As a foreigner living in Japan, Jay was denied custody of his daughter. Hoping to find her somewhere in her city, he abandons her career as a famous chef and becomes her taxi driver. He searched for years in vain, so when Jay gave up and tried to return to France, Lily jumped in a cab. But she doesn’t recognize him.


talk to varietyTion, partner of Les Films Pelléas and producer of Anatomy of a Fall with Marie-Ange Luciani (Les Films de Pierre), has announced that Senez will screen Our Struggle. He said that it inspired him to write this story after visiting Japan to do so.


“The story depicted in ‘Une part manquante’ is not a special case. Japanese law does not recognize joint custody, and if one parent is not Japanese, no contact with the child until the age of 18 is permitted.” may be banned,” Thion said, referring to the film. Like Senez’s previous album, Our Struggles, it will ultimately explore his fatherhood.


The producer cites the influence of John Ford’s The Searchers, saying that the film boasts suspense and that “through the story of an emotionally torn outsider trying to find his way in a foreign land, Japan and We will work on the French culture,” he said.Tion said the film would include many shots of Duris’ character traveling. I traveled all over Tokyo in his taxi. With the first round of location scouting complete, Be For Films founder Pamela Lou introduced the high-profile project to Cannes buyers.


“(The Churchmen)” and “Une part manquante”, co-written with Jean Denizot, will be distributed by Versus in Belgium and Haut et Cote in France. Filming will begin on location in Japan in mid-October.


Les Films Pelleas is also preparing to begin filming L’Effacement, the follow-up to Karim Moussaoui’s (Waiting For Swallows), this fall. The film is based on a novel by Samir Toumi and co-written with Maud Amelin. Co-produced by Nico Films of Germany and Nomadis of Tunisia. “L’Effacement” depicts the disintegration of an Algerian young man born into an upper-class family who is increasingly alienated from his authoritative father.


“This is a story that shines a light on a young generation caught between founding myths, social restraints and personal desires. It’s also a film about failed transmission between generations.” taxi driver,” said Tion. The Mk2 film will be launched internationally, with Ad Vitam distributing it in France.


Thionne has also forged ties with up-and-coming filmmakers like Anne-Sophie Bailey, who screened the short “The Midwife” at Telluride last year. Les Films Pelleas is producing Bailey’s feature debut, Les inseparables, which will star Cesar Award-winning actress Laure Calamy of My Donkey, My Lover and Me and Call My Agent! . The film revolves around her relationship with her mother, Mona, who is single-handedly raising her disabled son and wants to start taking care of her now that he is an adult. But when her son announces that he’s having a baby with his girlfriend, Mona finds herself with a huge responsibility as well.


“I am delighted to be working with the very talented Anne-Sophie Bailly. She is a graduate of the French film school La Fémis and the short she presented at Telluride was actually her graduation film. said Tion, describing the “inseparable story” as “an emotional tale about a single mother taking care of her son.”


In addition to Justine Triet, Sennez, Moussoi and Bailly, Les Films Pelléas has produced Mia Hansen-Love “One Fine Morning”, Christophe Honoré “Le Lycéan”, Daniel Arbid “The Simplicity of Passion”, He also works with Charlene Bourgeois. -Tacquet “(Les Amours d’Anais)”, etc.






MediaPubNews has reported for the first time that David Thion, the producer of Palme d’Or winner Anatomy of a Fall, is preparing for Guillaume Sené’s Japanese set Une Part Manquante.

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