Dbeibeh pledges another billion dinars for real estate grants and marriage fund – Libya breaking news

Libya’s outgoing Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dubeybe on Friday announced several initiatives to help the country’s youth, including disbursement of 1 billion dinars to real estate grants and a marriage fund.

The announcement was made during a government-sponsored rally in the city of Homs to mark International Youth Day.

Dbeibeh said his government will give Libyan youth real estate interest-free without private ownership. He also said the government will pay out 1 billion Libyan dinars to young people across the country who plan to get married, part of a marriage fund his government created last year that has already paid him 2 billion Worth the dinar.

The 63-year-old’s new plan sparked controversy in Libya, with many criticizing his government’s spending as the country’s inflation rate hit 5.70 and prices soared.

Journalist Khalil Elhassi, former anchor of the 218 Libyan TV Channel, responded to Dbeibeh’s initiative last night by saying that the outgoing prime minister had “severely damaged the country’s economy for decades beyond repair.” Told.

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