debuts at New York Fashion Week during Flying Solo’s “ONE’S TO WATCH” fashion event.

Syosset, New York, September 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DEIJI debuts at NYFW. His DEIJI, in partnership with Flying Solo, showcases a signature line featuring Cleopatra and Elizabeth I. September 10th and 10 am Flying Solo’s “Ones to Watch” event. DEIJI has already launched a website We partner with Flying Solo at our NYC flagship store. All DEIJI lines are flying soloWebsite of DEIJI DESIGN.

legendary designer Mark Schwartz has partnered with as Creative Director. Schwartz is famous as a star designer.

DEIJI’s signature line is inspired by royal lineage, specifically ancient Egyptian history and the Tudor dynasty.about Cleopatra Mr Schwartz said: [Egyptian’s] hieroglyph. Both elemental and industrial architecture really influence a lot of my work,” says Cleopatra, who also offers brown and black leather options.

of Elizabeth I, another all-leather tote bag from DEIJI’s signature collection, implements the same architectural aspects. A square pattern tote bag in black with pumpkin, beige and red tones is also inspired by Schwartz’s oil-based canvas.Origin of the name of the bag Queen Elizabeth’s fiery red hair; she is one of the longest-reigning monarchs in European history and the daughter of Henry VIII. Elizabeth Her I is also available in optional brown and black leather.

DEIJI’s viola Arrow sneakers in soft gray leather with pink arrow-shaped gemstones. black roseThe Perforated Moon sneaker will also be on display at the Flying Solo event. These sneakers express luxury and comfort and give a taste of DEIJI’s other elegant footwear.

DEIJI’s beltIris, Lioness, and Lily are all leather, and will be combined with other DEIJI items.

“This is the first time that the public will be able to see DEIJI up close and personal,” Schwartz explains. “It gives us the opportunity to let people know what DEIJI is: creating elegance through beauty,” he explains.

“This brand is fun and intelligent design, and DEIJI is honored to showcase our line at New York Fashion Week,” concludes Schwartz.

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