Democrats defend Fetterman’s low profile amid Republican health attacks: ‘Why should he help Oz?’

On Wednesday, Fetterman agreed to a discussion with Oz later in October. This is a move that comes after a salvo of Republican attacks on him for not wanting to commit to confronting Oz. The burly Pennsylvania lieutenant governor suffered a stroke in his May episode that complicated multiple aspects of his campaign, including traditional events, interviews, and opportunities for verbal sparring with Republican opponents. is.

Pennsylvania Democrats have resumed several events and appeared with President Joe Biden on Monday. held by parliamentarians. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), a loss here would greatly hamper the Republican Party’s chances of overthrowing the Senate this fall. A loss in Pennsylvania means that at least two, not her, Democrats will need to be replaced.

Democrats have warned that Oz is desperate to catch up with Fetterman after falling behind in all the polls this summer.Chairman of the Democratic Senate Election Committee Gary Peters (D-Michigan) says Fetterman is “getting better every day. I am completely satisfied with his recovery.

“He has to keep doing what he’s doing,” Peters said. Republicans’ attention to Fetterman’s health “shows desperation. They know they’re in trouble, they know they’re in big trouble. be”

The importance of the race to the Republican Party has sparked an all-out attack from Oz and Toomey over whether Fetterman, who has recovered from a stroke, will do Senate work. Emphasizing the question is not something I enjoy doing, is it? .”

“He says he’s fine. But his appearance doesn’t suggest that,” Toomey added.

Fetterman’s speeches in public are at times interrupted and jumbled, his auditory processing remains a problem, and the importance of debate over how a potential debate in October might play out. Fetterman told Politico on Wednesday that he is “capable of talking about all these issues and having a full discussion” and that his auditory processing is improving every day.

Oz spokesperson Brittany Yannick said, “Pennsylvania voters [Fetterman’s] Radical liberal policies and knowing he was healthy enough to serve.

If anything, Democrats see everything focused on Fetterman’s health backfiring. duck durbin (D-Ill.) added, “Most Americans understand he’s fighting two battles. said there was no need to change the relatively restrained campaign schedule compared to the frenzied pace pre-stroke.

And Democrats said they felt no concern or panic among their supporters about Fetterman’s health or Oz’s attack. Stated. Senator Bob Casey, a Democrat, visited 36 Pennsylvania counties in August and said, “His recovery from a stroke is preventing him from becoming a leading candidate and leading senator. I haven’t heard a single word about the issue,” he said.

Pennsylvanians say, “I’ve seen parents, loved ones, siblings, children, all kinds of people and families recover from stroke, recover from heart disease. And that’s where he is,” said Casey.

Just this year, with Senator Ben Ray Lujan (DN.M.) Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) also had a stroke. Luhan has spoken to Fetterman several times in recent weeks, encouraging him and reminding Democrats in Pennsylvania to take a deep breath and enjoy life while balancing recovery and the Senate election.

For many voters, the race is just beginning, the summer is over, and waves of advertising are sloshing in Super PAC funding from the Senate Leadership Fund. A group partnered with Mitch McConnell is flooding the airwaves with his $34 million ad in the final stages. While the Republican Party focuses on crime in Pennsylvania, there are also relentless questions from Republicans about whether Fetterman is healthy enough to be a Senator.

Republican Senate Committee Chair Rick Scott (R-Fla.) said: Not enough is known about his health…he hasn’t really had an event.

Democrats say it’s a desperate play by a struggling candidate and a party that needs to keep Pennsylvania’s deficit alive. Sen. Chris Murphy The Democratic Party of Connecticut, who attended an event with Fetterman this summer, said he had “zero” questions about Fetterman’s ability to serve in the Senate, and that he trusted candidates’ decision-making on election tactics. said there is.

“Oz is behind it. He’s doing everything he can, trying to throw things at the wall and see if it sticks,” Sen said. John Tester (D-Mont.), former chairman of the Democratic Senate Election Committee. “I’d rather be Fetterman than Oz. But that doesn’t mean this race is over.”

Fetterman’s commitment to the October debate could dampen some of the Republican offense in the coming weeks.

Lujan said that we may need to consider alternative attack methods.

“I don’t want to argue with Mr. Fetterman. He’s a very smart man and a great leader,” Lejan said. “So I have something to say to Mr. Oz. Be careful what you ask for, man.”

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