Demolition of former Hornets Point apartment complex nearly complete

Demolition of former Hornets Point apartment complex nearly complete

Chuck Samples/KVOE News.

The overall demolition process of the former Hornets Point Apartment Complex is not fully finished, but could be completed by the end of this week.

Emporia City Communications Manager Christine Johnson said demolition contractors will need to remove flat concrete and building foundations. Once that process is complete, contract workers carry the fill soil to the site, level it, and reseed the lot.

Demolition work on the building was approved by the City Council in early July, after a fire left all exterior walls standing, but essentially destroyed everything inside in mid-December. . It can also be described as a slow process, working with the building owner’s insurance company. Insurance proceedings are now between the owners and the company, Johnson said. Mayor Trey Cocking said the building’s owner is expected to pay the city all costs associated with the demolition. If that doesn’t happen, the process moves to a tax lien on the property, followed by a tax foreclosure to sell the space.

Meanwhile, an investigation continues into the cause, which was listed as arson shortly after the fire. No questionable information has been released. For information, call Emporia Fire (620-343-4230), Emporia Police (620-343-4200), or Lyon County Crime Stoppers (620-342-2273). Lyon County Crime Stoppers still have up to $1,000 in rewards leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved.

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