Digital Voice, January 24, 2023

“Environmentalists defend offshore wind against ‘unscientific’ speculation after whale death”

“Grants to Promote Online Grocery Services in New Jersey’s Food Desert”

“Are New Jersey legal weed prices exorbitant?”

“Atlantic County Tax Rate Declines Despite Inflation, Uses $13.8 Million Surplus”

“Thief wanted for shoplifting theft in Cape May County”

Chris Ford, Holy Spirit alumnus and basketball great, dies

“Embiid scores 41, 76ers overwhelm Clippers 120-110”

”Madonna announces 2023 North American and European tour dates”

“It’s nothing like yesterday at the Creekside Tavern.”

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“I bought a Tesla to help the environment. Now I’m ashamed to drive.” John Blumenthal

‘White House defends document disclosure’

“Most Growing Baby Names of 2021”

“They refute unscientific speculation with unscientific speculation.” Alexander J. Ernst, via Facebook, “‘Food deserts’ are places too dangerous for grocery chains to invest. Express liberally.” Jerry Brown, via Facebook “Tyrell in the corner is cheaper.” Jimmy Miller, via Facebook “Levinson is a smart and effective government genius.” Tom Fokine, Via “Well, if you need to eat, don’t be shy, give me some bread.” Rolanda Williams, via Facebook, “I didn’t know this story. Maurine Walsh Oosthuizen, via Facebook, “I fell asleep during a Bucks game.” Anthony Govan, via Facebook, “I hope she adds a date in Philadelphia or Atlantic City.” Timothy Pell via Facebook “It used to start yesterday and end up at The Boatyard and The Med. Before Diorio became a local hotspot.” Donald Wong, Facebook Via “Judaism teaches us to question, not to accept things just because they are supposed to be true. It is sad to see that the author was ignorant of this truth.” John Smith, via “I also found top secret documents in my underwear drawer. And yet no one cares about that.” Sean Bieber, via Facebook does actually mean something strange.” Robert Rosetta via Facebook

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