Disabled models and designers take center stage at New York Fashion Week

The New York Fashion Week runways have become increasingly diverse over the past few seasons. Still, there’s one group of him that’s just starting to get more representation at Fashion Week. disability community.

Gabriella Santaniello is the founder and CEO of A Line Partners, a retail research firm used by investors to help them invest in brands and the fashion industry. In addition to her passion for her retail business, she is also passionate about disability rights and representation.

She said brands need to see this as a revenue driver in terms of getting fashion brands to listen to the issues facing the disabled community and attracting more disability representatives. I was.

“It’s disappointing and terrifying to have these brands listen to the disability accommodations and representation we need. They see it as adding to their bottom line.” “It shouldn’t be, but the chances of the brand succeeding in the disabled market are huge. I don’t understand why they can’t get on board soon and It drives me crazy.”

The Open Style Lab, a non-profit organization committed to making style accessible to all regardless of physical ability, supports this fight for expression. This season, as a prelude to New York Fashion Week, the organization will debut its first-ever runway show called Double Take.

Annika Hutzler poses at Fashion Revolution by Runway of Dreams on March 8, 2022 at The Majestic Downtown, Los Angeles, CA.

Jerrod Harris/Getty for the Runway of Dreams Foundation

Double Take was created by the Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) community for the wider disabled community. At the runway show, every model with SMA graces the runway.

We have to keep trying to get more people from different backgrounds on the runway.

Grace Jun

“Visibility for people with disabilities is one area that needs to be more integrated into mainstream culture,” said Grace Jun, CEO of the organization. “The runway is a great place to start, so we have to keep trying to get more people from different backgrounds onto the runway.”

This year, the Open Style Lab Fellows, who are designing for Double Take, were chosen from all over the world, 80% of whom are disabled themselves. In a statement emailed to The Daily Beast, one of her Fellows of the Year, Andrea Saleh, said: ability. I have worked with several people with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), including Shane Barcoe, who uses a power wheelchair, to We have jointly created accessible clothing that fits both their personality and individual needs. “

Matthew and Mike Fernandez on stage for Fashion Revolution by Runway of Dreams at The Majestic Downtown in Los Angeles, CA on March 8, 2022.

Jerrod Harris/Getty for the Runway of Dreams Foundation

Mindy Scheier, founder of the Runway of Dreams Foundation, an organization that empowers people with disabilities through fashion, was inspired by her son, who has muscular dystrophy. Now she’s also focused on advocating for the next generation of designers.

“What I always try to tell people is that disability can happen to anyone at any stage of life,” Shire said. “The industry is definitely starting to get better at representing people with disabilities, and brands are slowly starting to treat adaptive fashion for people with disabilities as a category no different from plus-size or petite. We use the funds we raise to fund scholarships for people focused on careers in adaptive fashion, and we partner with over 20 college clubs and universities to get involved in the adaptive fashion movement. Adaptive fashion is starting to become a very important category in the industry.”

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