(Di)Vision Copenhagen Spring 2023 Collection

Within four years, Simon and Nana Wyck’s (Di)Vision line had become the center of attention at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Their success seems to have given room for a new generation that does not fit well into the stereotypical ideas of Danish and Nordic fashion. Be. (Di)vision is raw rather than sophisticated, but certainly Hygelite There is an aspect to the brand from a close-knit community of friends involved in many ways, including walking this runway.

One of the main messages in the collection of films by Francis Ford Coppola is hell apocalypse As a starting point, it seemed to be “in love, not in war.” The outdoor set is a forest with paths covered in wood chips and lit by mushroom-shaped lamps, foreshadowing a trippy collection. (After all, Copenhagen is home to Freetown, his Christiania.) The free spirits of the models and the forest-like setting made us realize the wonders of nature.

The designers said they had the war in Ukraine in mind and were concerned with military themes both in terms of their significance and commentary. It got a lot better at what we were doing, so I thought it might be fun to show people what they could do with it. While they’re bombing the forest, they’re surfing at the same time…and “why are you doing this in the middle of a war?” , that’s exactly how [people] that is. ‘ ‘

It was a collection for those who liked it, not hated it, while making use of military surplus. (Anti-Vietnam war protesters often wore second-hand army jackets.) Laced pants are one expression of the 1970s theme, with silk paisley prints, headbands, crochet, faux There were also more hippie expressions, such as fur-lined vests. It looked really vintage. This is partly because of Simon’s interest in “destruction and decay,” but as he explained, giving it this kind of antiquity makes it easier to convey the brand’s message. can tell Clothes made in deadstock fashion can look shiny and new even if they are made from old materials, while distressed clothes made from the same material look more authentic.

In addition to (di)vision’s flagship jackets and patchwork pieces, the womenswear line has been expanded to include new ‘fur’ outerwear and more dresses. Denim was especially strong. The Wicks worked with a supplier to take back unsold jeans from major brands and rework them. From the waste generated in the process, (di)vision can make patch denim. “We are basically upcycling things that have already been upcycled.” A win-win situation.

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