Do you know the flow of buying a car? Kane In Your Corner quizzes drivers on buying a car.

Outside of your home, your car may be your biggest purchase. But how much do you know about the car buying process? Cane In Your Corner We went to the Jon Bon Jovi rest stop on the Garden State Parkway and quizzed the drivers on buying a car.

“Right or wrong,” News 12 Walt Kane in New Jersey I asked the driver, “If you buy a car, please return it within three days.”

“It’s true,” said Melissa Murphy. When asked why she believed it, Murphy replied, “because of the lemon law.”

Dawn Lentzi objected. “No,” she said.

Renzi was right. statement is false.

Bob Silverman, an attorney at consumer law firm Kimmel & Silverman, said this is a common myth among prospective car buyers, but there is no three-day return rule. “Basically, if you have a valid contract, you have no right to cancel,” he says. Silverman says he needs to be happy with the car and the contract before signing the contract.

But how transparent should car dealers be? Should they show you the price they paid for the car?

“I don’t think that’s true,” Joe Zarillo said.

he is right Dealers aren’t required to disclose their actual purchase price, even if you ask them. “They don’t have to give it to you.”

What is your car accident history? Should it be disclosed?

Dennis Daddy said “true”, but Erica and James, who declined to give their last names, said “lie”.

they were right. The answer is wrong, but it’s a bit of a trick question. Silverman says dealers don’t have to tell you about the car’s accident history, but if you ask, they should tell you the truth. I encourage you to get the answer.

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