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A technology called Virtual Reality or VR is the latest technology that confuses me. A long time ago, when I started typing on an electric typewriter, I thought I was really into advanced technology. In my high school typing class, I used a manual typewriter. You know that in order to engrave letters on paper, you have to hit the keys hard. Then came IBM’s “Correcting Selectric”. A typewriter that can correct errors with just a backspace. Wow! Around the same time, computers appeared, used in the banking industry for complex calculations and word processing. The world was ablaze with new technologies that began to change the world of business every day.

The next advance in technology was the phone, which didn’t have to be tethered to a cord. You can pick up the phone and walk around while talking. Smart! And before we knew it, a car phone for the general public appeared. Remember when someone bought a fake phone just to look cool, and he said that in the early 1970s, Motorola was the first company to mass-produce the first handheld cell phone. As I remember they had small antennas and you didn’t get much service, but you were keeping up with the latest technology.

I eventually adapted to an untethered smartphone that had “apps” to take pictures, give directions, track steps, connect to the internet, and perform the functions I needed. Abundant or needed. do you want music? how about the game? You can watch it, stream it, listen to it. What’s not to love? Well, there it is. My phone is much smarter than mine. Almost every day I discover something about my phone that I didn’t know before. All these settings! All these buttons! A little intimidating.

Rush into VR! VR is simulated A similar or completely different experience. Real WorldOne day this might sound like something we could all use as an escape mechanism. To do. Applications of virtual reality include game-rich entertainment, education (such as medical and military training), and businesses such as virtual conferencing.

VR is big business in all kinds of games that put users in an environment where they can interact with electronic images, avatars. Well, the latest in this world of VR commerce is here. Meta (previously called Facebook) plans to launch an Avatar fashion store that sells virtual clothes for real money. Yes, that’s what I said – virtual “clothes” for real money! So will your avatar be decked out in a fashionable ensemble, or will it be something casual for an online virtual reality game that you can’t touch or wear.

If you decide to buy clothes for your avatar this way, would you recommend considering a scholarship for our little dog, Carly, too? She wants to go to college to continue her education. I really think. She is very smart and she has learned a lot and I am sure she can benefit from your generosity.Hear how her degree program will be and if you will inform she is an excellent communicator. She conveys her information by wagging her tail, her large brown eyes, and the occasional enthusiastic bounce or bark.

If you want to do something more meaningful, you can donate to your local United Way, one of your local school systems, the Ministry of Interfaith Compassion, or any other organization that means something to you. This could mean that the avatars in may not be decked out in the latest style, but who knows? Sorry to those who appreciate this new technology and well-dressed avatars. There is none.

Bonnie Brown writes a weekly column for The Oxford her [email protected].

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