Dodge County Real Estate Transfers | Local

Richard A. Foxhoven and Patricia L. Foxhoeven to Richard A. Foxhoven and Patricia L. Foxhoeven and Stephanie Rea (2412 E. 10th St., Lincoln).

Kristi K. Storm to JAKL Properties LLC, 510-512 E. First St., Fremont, $285,500.

Aleese Elaine Brandt and Bill Lee Brandt to William J. Ruwe and Di M. Ruwe, 2205 Estes Lane, Fremont, $425,000.

Lyman L. Larsen and Mary M. Larsen to ACIA Property LLC, part of Southwest District of Section 6, Township 18 North, Range 9 East, 6th PM, Dodge County, $222,138.

Sean M. Murphy and Courtney M. Murphy to David Timothy Wacker and Brittany Marie Wacker, 1210 Maplewood Drive, Fremont, $580,000.

Midwestern to Robert K. Murray, trustee of the Robert K. Murray Revocable Living Trust, on April 14, 2003, and to Sandra L. Murray, trustee of the Revocable Living Trust, on April 14, 2003. Transferred Standard Properties LLC 1945 N. Lincoln Avenue, Fremont, $330,000.

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Jester Acuna Corral to Shawn Cash, 1105 N.C St., Fremont, $180,000.

Michael Moeller to Ronald Baum, Mary K. Baum, Kevin Baum, Robin Baum, Land County located Northwest District of Section 16 and East Half of Section 17, Township 19 North, East of Range 8 East 6th PM, $399,203 .

CCC Real Estate Holding Co. LLC to Nazir Petroleum LLC, 1156 W. 23rd St., Fremont, $240,000.

From Richard M. Karmann to Donald L. Lerdahl and Susan A. Lerdahl, 140 E. 16th St., Fremont, $29,331.70.

RD Leasing LLC to Daniel R. Hoops and Glenna J. Hoops, Trustees of Daniel R. Hoops Revocable Living Trust and Glenna J. Hoops and Daniel R. Hoops, Trustees of Glenna J. Hoops Revocable Living Trust to Lot 11 and Lot 12, Add Howard Court, Relocate Lot 3, Morningside Industrial Park, Section 24, Township 17 North, Range 8 East, Fremont, 6:00 p.m.

Andrew G. Hespen to Chris Hancock and Sheryl Hancock, 203 N. Myrtle St., Hooper, $234,000.

Ryan D. Hoops and Margaret J. Hoops from RD Leasing LLC, Lot 4, Howard Court Addition, Lot 3 Relocation, Morningside Industrial Estate, Section 24, Township 17 North, Range 8 East, Fremont.

Michelle L. Cash, as personal representative of the estate of Bonita (Bonnie) L. Mahoney (deceased), to Brooke Goracke, 516 E. Second Street, Fremont, $150,000.

Brickyard Hill LLC to William T. Cassidy and Jamey L. Cassidy, 1010 Brickyard Drive, Hooper, $29,000.

Marietta Mandel a/k/a Marietta W. Mandel to Marietta Mandel a/k/a Marietta W. Mandel, Brenda L. Wood, Bruce A. Mandel, Paul D. Mandel, Gary J. Mandel, and Mark J. Mandel, 550 Spruce Street, Dodge.

Fremont Enterprises LLC to B & M Properties LLC No. 1, Lot 1, Fountain Springs Apartments First Addition, Fremont; Lot 2, Fountain Springs Apartments Second Addition, Fremont, $9,896,000.

Robert C. Brokaw and Megan D. Brokaw to Dana Bodzak, 1111 Cottonwood St., North Bend, $235,000.

Arthur M. Stillman and Brenda D. Stillman to Martin Stewart, 312 N. Pine St., Dodge, $125,000.

CCC Real Estate Holding Co. LLC to Safe Harbor EAT-XLIII, 2010 N. Bell St., Fremont, $457,000.

From Michael H. Hudson and Heidi Hudson to Cornato Properties LLC, 432 N. I St., Fremont, $80,000.

David and Donna L. Von Seggern to Melissa L. Von Seggern, 509 Oak St., Uehling.

Kenneth Rogers and Diane K. Rogers to Perry Glenn Staver and Sheryl Ann Staver, 728 N. Grant St., Fremont, $115,900.

Carrie Ann Cone Ough f/k/a Carrie Ann Cone and Michael Ough to MKC Properties LLC, 620 E. 11th St., Fremont, $70,000.

Dwain Heitshusen and Judith Heitshusen to Dwain H. Heitshusen and Judith J. Heitshusen, October 16, 1996, 2804 N. Laverna St. Fremont, Trustees of the Heitshusen Living Trust.

Donna Beck to Donna Beck, Frederick N. Beck Sr., Ashley L. Greenwood, 320 W. Eighth St., North Bend.

Stone Investments LLC to Fremont LLC H Rentals, 423 N. Main St., Fremont, $130,000.

Jeremy Siems and Michaela L. Johnson to Michelle Rucker, 2106 N. Clarkson St., Fremont, $148,000.

Coral Jean Nelson a/k/a Coral Jean Nelsen and Dale Nelson, Jeffery Smith a/k/a Jeffery L. Smith and Brenda Smith from Victory Lake Marine Inc., 541 N. Pierce St., Fremont, $163,000.

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