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New York is in the middle of three public health crises. New York City has become the US epicenter of monkeypox outbreaks. Rockland County is being monitored for possible new polio cases. And the state is still reporting thousands of new Covid-19 cases every day.

“I think things will come in all three.” Deputy Surgeon General Ursula Bauer told the state’s Public Health Advisory Board last week.

But monkeypox and polio While it’s been garnering most of the headlines coming out of New York in recent weeks, state health officials like Bauer are urging New Yorkers not to ignore the threat still posed by the coronavirus.

New York reports nearly 5,000 new Covid cases daily — Three times higher than at the same point in 2021 and “almost an order of magnitude higher” than at the same point in 2020, Bauer said. (Since Covid case reporting has changed, it is difficult to make a perfect comparison, but the best indicator currently is the seven-day average number of cases per 100,000 population.) And who currently has Covid? The true number of New Yorkers in the US is likely higher due to “significant underreporting,” as more people rely on home testing and their results are often not shared with public health.

Newly reported Covid-related hospitalizations are also higher More than last summer — less than 0.5 per 100,000 population compared to about 2.5 per 100,000, Bauer told the Council on Public Health and Health Planning. (More than half of these hospitalizations involve patients admitted for other reasons, according to state data.

However, with the availability of vaccines for all ages, and new antiviral treatments, Most New Yorkers appear ready to embrace a post-Corona future.

“With BA.5, it became a major subspecies of Omicron. With its high contagiousness and ability to evade previous immunity, New York and the United States as a whole, the lack of public concern and protective measures such as masking have made us very worried about the fall. These low levels reached in 2020 signal an uptick in the fall, and we’re gearing up.”

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STATE OF EMERGENCY — Shannon Young of POLITICO: On Friday, Gov. Kathy Hochul issued an executive order declaring the New York monkeypox outbreak a state emergency and allowing state health officials to respond more quickly to the rising number of cases.

Ho Chul, who announced his action after 10 pm, It said it would expand the list of providers who can administer the monkeypox vaccine to include emergency medical services personnel, pharmacists and midwives. can issue a regulatory order, requiring providers to send vaccine data to state departments of health.

“More than 1 in 4 people with monkeypox We are in the state of New York in this country and we have to leverage all the tools in our arsenal when responding,” she said in a statement. reported poxvirus/monkeypox cases, of which 1,289 were in New York City. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had reported a total of 5,189 cases nationwide as of Friday.

Declarations are valid for at least 30 days.It comes hours after city, state and federal legislators representing parts of New York City called for emergency response to the monkeypox outbreak.

… Health Commissioner Mary Bassett Last week, it declared monkeypox an imminent threat to public health in New York City. The declaration is valid until the end of the year.

— Quiet Friday Hochul Due to a shortage of medical staff, we have extended the state’s disaster emergency until August 28th.

DOH REORG — Shannon reports: The state health department is reorganizing as part of an effort to optimize workflows, increase diversity and “build a healthier and more equitable New York,” Commissioner Mary Bassett announced Friday. .

“Our new organizational focus and leadership team The structure better positions the department to shape our priorities and delivery systems to improve health access and outcomes for all New Yorkers,” she said in a statement. The division’s reach extends beyond traditional public health and comprises regulatory functions for healthcare providers and health insurance programs that cover more than one-third of New Yorkers. I will do my best to do so.”

As part of the reorganization, The DOH has established the Office of Aging and Long-Term Care, the Office of Health Equity and Human Rights, the Chief Medical Officer, and the Leadership Cabinet. Bassett also said it is prioritizing data sharing across government agencies, as well as a renewed emphasis on engagement with local offices and local health departments.

WEISS SPEAKS — Julian Shen-Berro of POLITICO: A city epidemic expert says he is being ousted from his role after publicly criticizing the city’s response to the ongoing monkeypox outbreak. said Don Weiss, director of surveillance for the New York City Department of Health’s Office of Communicable Disease Control, who was reassigned to the Division of Family and Children’s Health starting Monday.

In other news:

— Bassett joins other health officials On Friday, it called on the World Health Organization to rename monkeypox. “While we are actively working to respond to this outbreak in New York City and beyond, we must ensure that people feel able to receive treatment and care without prejudice or judgment. not.” she tweeted.

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Now we know— Halloween candy “may be in short supply this fall due to raw material shortages and production capacity issues,” reports The Washington Post.

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study this— Via Vice: “Scientists use ancient DNA stored in people who lived centuries ago to decode for the first time the genome of facial herpes, the virus that infects most humans alive today. A new study reports that

“Residential Facility Personnel Crisis Facilities run by state offices for people with developmental disabilities continue to push for facility closures,” reports The Times-Union.

Associated Press Find out how access to abortion is influencing vote-no-vote campaigns.

new york times reports that “Rep. Nicole Mariotakis, the city’s only Republican congressman, attempted to keep some distance from the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion.”

Kaiser Health News states that “more than two-thirds of all hospices nationwide [are] It is now operated as a for-profit organization. ”

stat look up Why pharmaceutical companies aren’t developing new drugs to protect individuals susceptible to COVID-19.

Catherine Ellen Foley of POLITICO The US Department of Health and Human Services reports that it has purchased 66 million bivalent booster shots from Moderna for the fall and winter, pending regulatory approval and recommendations.

President Joe Biden has tested positive for Covid-19 Late Saturday morning, a White House doctor said he was not feeling any symptoms at this time.

Early Childhood Routine Immunization POLITICO’s Daniel Payne reports that 57 countries served by the Vaccine Alliance, Gavi, have seen another decline in 2021, according to a new report from the group.

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