Dour Darcels announces 10,000 fashion-focused NFTs

The very successful NFT community’s first project, Dour Darcels, is launching a collection of 10,000 fashion-focused NFTs. Officially, the new collection, “Dour Fits,” features the famous Cyclopean avatar and offers a wide range of diverse and fashionable clothing.

Images of the Dour Darcels NFT Collection
Dour Darcels releases a collection of fashion NFT avatars!

Dour Darcels NFT ecosystem is growing rapidly

Created by New York artist Craig Redman, the Dour NFT is extremely popular. The iconic avatar “Darcel Dissapoints”, so far he has worked with home brands such as Adidas, IKEA and Coca-Cola. This new collection of fashion NFTs is here to make its mark on the Ethereum blockchain.

Although the first NFT collection just hit the NFT space in March, Darcel Disappoints has been showcasing life in New York for over a decade. The character has been published worldwide, including The New York Times, Vogue, and his book One Year in New York.

This is the third Dour Darcels NFT collection ever. Additionally, NFT characters are bright, colorful and 2D in Darcel Disappoints’ own style.

Craig Redman said of the new NFT collection, “Fashion has always played an integral part in Darsel’s personality, so creating a collection based on this – articulating his tastes and cultural references – was a challenge.” , it’s really exciting for me… In the future, fashion and art will become even more intertwined in the Web3 space, and I’m excited to make something that moves towards that.”

Fashion NFT Utility

The stunning and colorful NFT avatars will be part of the Dour Darcels NFT blockchain fashion game (also known as Dour Fits) virtual wear bundle and spread across the Dour ecosystem.

Finally, the game, developed by Adam Johnson (formerly Apple), will be released during New York Fashion Week.

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