Dry conditions over weekend, sporadic showers next week

Update: The entire South Shore is currently experiencing severe drought conditions, with the North Shore reverting to moderate drought.

The Water Quality Report map shows many sites have improved since last week. There is still potential for fish mortality due to lack of water on the North Shore of Cold Spring Harbor and Northport Harbor. Conditions in the western Great South Bay have improved, but conditions further east are moderate to poor due to warm water, potentially harmful bacteria and algae.

Up next: Warmer Friday followed by dry conditions over the weekend. We’re tracking sporadic showers early next week Monday through Wednesday morning, but it looks like the amount of rain will be a little less, averaging only 0.25 inches in most spots. There are other big rainmakers coming in the near future.

News 12 Storm Watch team meteorologist Sam Augeri says dry conditions will continue into the weekend before much-needed rain arrives.

One night: Mostly clear and seasonable with lows near 65 degrees. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph. Sunrise: 6:07.

Friday: Mostly sunny with highs around 86 degrees and southwest winds of 5-10 mph. Partly cloudy, mild, slightly muggy nights with lows near 70 degrees. Sunset: 7:44.

Saturday: Partly sunny. The highest temperature is around 83 degrees. There is a small chance of showers overnight. Lows around 68.

Sunday: Warm with sun and clouds. The highest temperature is around 82. Minimum temperatures will be around 68 and late evening showers are possible.

Monday: Mostly cloudy with occasional showers. The highest value is around 79. There is a chance of showers overnight, with a low near 67.

Tuesday: Possible showers, mostly cloudy early in the day. The highest value is around 79. The low is around 78.

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