Duck Festival Builds Gueydan’s Economy

Gaydan, La. (KLFY) – While having fun together Duck Festival They also help Gaidan’s economy.

Gueydan Mayor Jude Reese told KLFY News 10: And that’s a big thing for us. You know a small town small budget so we will definitely take any extra care we can get.

Reese continues: They see Guidan. It’s good publicity and positive. ”

Reese also said the city and businesses are excited to experience the festival in full force after the pandemic prevented the festival in 2020 and last year a potential hurricane kept many from attending. I got

“You have to remember that there was a hurricane in the Gulf Coast and many people decided to leave earlier in the week because they didn’t know where it was going. But I still paid my bills and made some money, so it was still a good year.”

Reese told News 10 that his favorite part of the festival is seeing people continue to visit the city after the festival.

“The biggest thing I enjoy seeing it, especially during duck season and duck festival, is people are turning to this town,” he said.

“They see Guidan. It’s good publicity and it’s positive. It’s another big pull here because we’re ready to go.”

As the Duck Festival continues to grow each year, Mayor Rees thanks everyone who attended for helping build this small town’s big dream.

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