Eagles’ Jalen Hurts Are All WIPs And What The Fanatic Host Wants To Talk About

Will Jalen Hurts evolve into an elite quarterback? Could Jalen Hurts lead the Eagles to a division title? It’s Hurts’ fault.

I’m generalizing, of course, but in the world of Philadelphia sports talk, August’s late news month is a 24-hour rant about the Eagles’ young quarterback and what he’s going to do with his sophomore year. I feel dominated by arguments.Season with birds.

All in all, Hearts has had a great training camp. He followed up a flawless performance in the Eagles’ first preseason game with a strong performance in the team’s joint practice session against the Cleveland Browns. He will present another chance this week.

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Eagles coach Nick Siriani said of Hearts, “I keep seeing him improve every day.” It was sharp.”

I don’t think you can blame sports talkers for focusing on what hurts. The Union is number one, but no one mentions the word football on Philadelphia radio except Sean Brace and Fox Sports’ The Gambler.

Plus, Philadelphia is first and foremost a football city, and fans are obsessed with everything the Eagles do. On the radio, everything just became a little single note. I think that’s what the podcast is for, at least until September.

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