Early voting for second primary of the year begins Saturday

Thanks to the redrawing of new district boundaries, early voting for the second primary of the year begins Saturday.

It’s been two years since Republican Nicole Mariotakis fired the then-Rep. Max Rose in his first bid for re-election in New York’s 11th congressional district.

Rose is back this year and is trying to give back.

“What happened in this country? Concerns about public safety, concerns about inflation, concerns about the economy, concerns about the future of our country, and what these politicians are doing are all using party divisions to We’re just doing it and we’re not doing enough,” he said.

A former congressman and veteran, he believes the stakes in the United States can’t get any higher, which is why he decided to run for his previous seat.

“We deserve to have the largest middle class. We deserve to have affordable prices. We deserve to have everything, even politicians who don’t have one,” he said.

However, a rematch may not occur.

Community advocate, veteran and organizer Brittany Ramos-Deballos said she changed her mind about running for the Democratic primary after feeling shut out of both parties.

“Neither of them felt like they were fighting for working-class people like me or their families,” she explained.

She focuses on issues such as housing, Medicare for all, and climate change.

Rose, Devalos and educator Komi Agoda Kusema are the Democratic primary candidates.

Meanwhile, on the Republican side, Rep. Nicole Mariotakis is being challenged by medical worker-turned-activist John Mutland.

The congressman is confident in his potential. This is largely due to her words of having delivered results to the community.

“In addition to providing much-needed funding for the NYPD and local hospitals and our communities, but perhaps more importantly, for the work I’ve done during this critical time for us, people are I am sure you will re-elect me. The history of a country that has fought back and stopped some of these ridiculous policies that we have seen lay before us,” she said. rice field.

“It doesn’t matter who your opponent is in November, because I’m running on my record, I stand by law enforcement, I want to see safe borders, I want inflation and the economy back on track. Because I’m running as someone I want to bring back.”

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