East Pittsburgh Suburbs Real Estate Transactions for the Week of August 18, 2022


Thomas Foster sold the 1068 Black Forest Drive estate to Joshua and Rachel Clay for $187,000.

Clarence Gillcrese has sold the 2039 Hampstead Drive property to Michele Boyd for $192,000.

Michael Connors has sold the 2200 William Penn Highway property to Vusala Snyder for $265,000.

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Barbara Bridge sold the 307 Barclay Avenue property to Laura Leicht for $223,000.

Lawrence Miklos sold the property at 119 Fairfax Street to Jackson Mihoran and others. And Donna Mihoran was $215,000.

McRealty LLC sold the 300 Marion Ave. property to Ezra Eppler for $126,000.

Gary Hand sold the 25 Marwood Ave. property to Gary and Alicia Wisniewski for $130,000.

Stephen Wood sold the 529 Ogden Avenue estate to Andrew Joudy Collins and Elizabeth Ann Chandler for $225,000.

John Anthony Mihm Realty sold the 432 Pacific Ave. property to Kimberly Davis for $265,000.

Donald Fellows sold the 124 Watt Lane estate to Philip Niel and Gaea Thompson for $255,000.


Teamgov Inc. has sold the 1335 Foxwood Drive property to Kevin Roberts for $250,000.

Sandra McAteer has sold her 781 Illini Drive property to 781 Illini Dr for $90,000.

Ariel Capital Pennsylvania LLC sold the 341 Noel Drive property to Anthony Kane Jr. and Ashley Elaine Kane for $250,000.

Dale Farruggia has sold the 114 Rosso Drive property to Hong and Mengnan Chen for $142,000.

Jason Thomas Mols has sold the property at 217 Shady Ridge Drive to Sweta Bhupendra Rawal for $202,500.

Justin Bowers sells 502 Shoemaker Drive property to Patrick Jalbert and Malena Abraham for $620,000.


David Mauro sold a property of unknown address to Lauren Michelle for $200,000.

Anderson Real Estate Holdings LLC has sold the 420 College Ave. property to Clayton Homa for $245,000.

Susan Schorr has sold the 219 Commons Drive property to Michael and Susan McShea for $231,000.

Helene Merlo has sold the 11 New London Lane property to Brooke Hightower for $175,000.

penn hills

Anna Marie Loggi sold her 5304 Third St. estate to Laura Loggi for $75,000.

Kathy Berggren has sold her 300 Austin St. property to Community Options Inc. for $278,100.

Henoc Paulicin Jr. has sold the 816 Clearview Drive property to Dylan Vamosi and Emily Rose Anuszek for $230,500.

Thomas James Manos Jr. Estate sold the 2718 Ford Ave. estate to Mohammed and Jody Rayan for $100,000.

Joseph Griffin sold the 524 McFarlane Drive estate to Karl Snyder and others. Christine Snyder $175,000.

Jackie Young Jr. sold his 7888 Mark Drive estate to Deshawn Lucas for $185,000.

Regis Hunkele Estate sold the 1359 Mt. Ave. estate to Cynthia Morton for $140,000.

Mark Barr has sold his 1611 Nash Avenue property to Darian Weiser for $155,000.

Nathan Gray Murray has sold the 409 Nike Drive property to Stream Five LLC for $35,000.

Craig Martinelli Jr. sold the 147 Orchard Drive property to Sherry Parker for $265,000.

Murray Curtis Bilby sold the 134 Pennoak Drive property to Steven Smiley and Abigail Frey for $147,232.

Yozef Rozenberg LLC sold the 5946 Poketa Road property to Daniel Groen and Peter Linenberger for $100,000.

Andre Bradley sold the 49 Ridgecrest Drive property to Evan Tyler Marcellus Sr and Cheyenne Taylor for $260,000.

Dante Lawson sold the property at 2348 School Street to Tyra Lena Carter for $100,000.

Ronald Stonebrook Real Estate has sold its 7305 Shannon Road property to RP Homes 2 LLC for $183,000.

Gerald Donovan sold his 538 Springwood Drive estate to Alan Edward Terry for $249,900.

Cheryl Green has sold her 322 Veronica Drive estate to Paul Golubic for $150,000.

Carmen Presto has sold the 317 Whittier Drive property to David Vann for $165,000.


Michael Poholsky sold the 723 12th St. estate to Christopher Gregg and Magnolia May Krimm for $96,000.


Kiley Keefe has sold the 123 Carrie Ann Drive property to Coremax Investments LLC for $212,000.

Ralph Showers Jr. has sold the 822 Key West Drive property to Adam and Jamie Deluca for $270,000.

Violet Bollenbacher sold the 31 Koomatuck Drive estate to Luke David Musco and Alison Stacy Plasencia for $223,000.

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Jeffrey Vint has sold the property at 7332 Whipple St. to PGH Ural 1 LLC for $135,700.

Geoffery Critzer sold the 2234 Woodstock Ave. property to Aaron Lesch and Dominique Fallas for $190,000.


Shannon Keating sells 635 Beaver Avenue property to Michael Blumstead and Cassandra Ann Lee McGinnis for $125,000.

James Johnson sold the 131 Curry Street estate to Clint Lawrence Clayton and Christina Elizabeth Mitchell for $210,000.

Krisztian Burzuk has sold the 419 Dunbar Drive property to Curtis Dickey for $195,000.


Point Park Real Estate FD LLC has sold the 740 Hill Ave. property to Fifty Third Street Properties LLC for $55,000.

Cerberus Realty LLC has sold the property at 1769-1779 McNary Blvd. to Dito Properties LLC for $295,000.

Jesse Todd has sold the property at 1415 Princeton Boulevard. to SBDS Limited LLC for $79,000.

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Donald Baker sold the 6026-6030 Penn St. property to Northparc Westmoreland LLC for $135,000.


David Wilson sold the 617-619 Vine St. estate to David Olejar and Mark Shick for $170,000.


Patricia Stupe Estate has sold the 11 Blaine Street property to Rachel Caskey for $140,000.


Rita Washko sold the 3476 Douglas Drive estate to Eric Royer for $275,000.

Mark David Cree Estate sold the 5034 Sardis Road estate to Thomas Hedfors and Amy Hedfors for $142,500.

Mark Zeigler sold the 3984 Utah Ct estate to Cody Edward Beck and Alexis Elayna Fleming for $230,000.

North Huntingdon

Daniel McConnell has sold his 349 Bethel Road property to Keli Virsack for $197,500.

Todd Patterson sold the 14762-1476 Case Street estate to Edwiven and Deborah Neiman for $160,000.

Thomas William Adams sold the property at 881 Colonial Manor Road to National Transfer Service LLC for $200,000.

National Transfer Services LLC sold the 881 Colonial Manor Road property to Kaitlin Sari for $200,000.

James Nese sold the 7660 Dominick Drive estate to Thomas Cushing Jr. and Brittany Cushing for $585,000.

Michael Christian sold his 891 Five Pines Road property to Jackson Grote and Hayley Wakowski for $235,000.

NVR Inc. has sold the 1031 Giulia Drive property to Paul and MaryKatherine Funyak for $407,540.

Matthew Cella sold the 10881 Langley Drive estate to Roland Goerner Jr. and Danyne Goerner for $138,500.

Florence Callas has sold a property at 12496 Larimer Avenue to Robbie Newcomer Jr. and Megan Newcomer for $149,900.

DiCerbo Properties Real Estate Investmen has sold the property at 849 Main Street to LaGorga Estates LLC for $80,000.

Harriet Kruszyna Estate sold the 13841 Ridge Road estate to Gregory Darroch for $165,500.

RWS Land Co. Inc. has sold the 9193 Riley Way property to John Hensler for $362,900.

Stephen Findlay sold 12720 Route 30 property to VetCor North Huntingdon LLC for $600,000.

Scott Gower Realty has sold the 5686 Spring Ln property to Marketing & Design LLC for $20,000.

Dennis Matthews has sold his Sunset Ave. property to Pasquarelli Property Management LLC for $10,000.

North Irwin

Shirley Greenawalt has sold its 20 Second St. property to Biker Rehab LLC for $115,000.

Robert Hanicak Estate sold the 10 Franklin Ave. estate to Michael Zgurich for $45,000.

penn township

Barney Kistler has sold the 1022 Crab Apple Ct estate to Bruce and Debra Berk for $568,629.

Robert Haws sold the 2 Dell Ave. property to ScottCo Properties LLC for $195,000.

Jeffrey Irwin sold the 1000 Lauren Ct estate to Thomas and Linda Panzo for $81,500.

Blackthorn Investors LLC has sold the 1002 Lynx Ct property to NVR Inc. for $73,844.

Greco Real Estate LLC has sold the 1026 Palm Ct property to Rosalie Greco for $3,000.

Bradley Yamrich has sold his 115 Rizzi Drive estate to Timothy Vecchio and Lauren Carothers for $295,000.

Martin Kurtz has sold the 3439 Route 130 property to Graytok Family Vision Care LLC for $115,000.

Jeff Graham has sold the 1005 St. Andrews Ct estate to Dennis Barton for $339,900.

Timothy Laufer sold the 710 Shady Drive estate to Hector and Monica Olivera for $319,900.

Douglas Zimmerman sold the 1 Spencer Drive property to Barry and Ashley Clegg for $301,900.

Royal Penn Realty Group LLC has sold its 2107 State Route 130 property to Brady Realty Group LLC for $106,500.


Vincent Babeo Realty has sold its 352 Fourth St. property to Penn Pioneer Enterprises LLC for $2,000.

Jason Rubin has sold the 655-657 Sixth St. property to Paula Marie Leduc for $130,000.

William Waibel has sold the property at 161 Seventh Street Ext. For $255,000 to Terry and Robin Martin.

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