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Eastern Palestine — A 2018 law regulating food truck operations in Colombiana could serve as a template for similar legislation in villages.

Under the Columbiana Law, anyone wishing to operate a mobile food truck in the city must obtain a valid mobile food vendor license through the applicable county health department and submit an application to the city for a permit. . Permits can be obtained for one day, six months, or one year and are priced.

For example, a 1-day permit is $25, but a 1-year permit is $300.

Village Mayor Mark Matlastry and Treasurer Tracy Spratt said they submitted a copy of the Columbia law to the council at the council meeting this week.

The village has not finalized legislation to consider at this time, but is only reviewing available options.

McTrustry said a law similar to the Columbian law would benefit the village. “Smoother process” Annually or semi-annually to a food vendor in town.

He said food vendors currently on village premises must provide health department licenses, insurance proof certificates, and sign harmless contracts with the village on each occasion.

“If we could do this annually, it would be easier to track and reduce the repetitive nature of some paperwork.” he explained.

Food vendors currently operating on land not owned by the village or at events such as the annual street fair do not have a contract with the village, but with the person or organization that arranges the service. He added that there are.

“Laws that include such events add an additional layer of accountability and protection for residents who use the service.” He said.

Among other issues, the council has issued special requests to county auditors for ordinances permitting the Internet sale of unwanted property and annual outstanding accounts such as unpaid water and sewerage bills, grass cuttings, and cleaning of property completed by the village. has passed a resolution certifying that it will make a reasonable assessment.

The council also held a second reading of the law amending the Vacant Structures Act and the law renewing parking fines.

First reading of law authorizing additional spending.

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