Eastern Suburbs Property Transactions for the Week of August 28, 2022


Edward Doheny sold the 264 Brighton Street property to Jamal and Amy Roman for $95,000.


Sandra Schreib has sold the 1611 Branning Road property to Bellagia Properties LLC for $90,000.

Vincent Pupich III sold the 340 Homer Drive estate to Tim Schmitt and Rochelle Hawkins for $140,000.

edge wood

Barbara Razey Simmons has sold her 119 Harlow St. estate to Roman and Carolyn Beth Taraban for $367,000.

Michael Parker sold the 107 Mackay Street property to David Nathan Penske and Alison Elizabeth Connell for $350,000.

forest hills

Ashley Rose Johnson sold the 3806 Greensburg Pike estate to Thomas Richard Pike for $145,000.

Garrett Bonfati sold the 128 Roberta Drive estate to Patrick and Jacqueline Cohen for $196,000.

Trustee Bonnie Alexander sold the property at 121 Sumner Street to Joseph Riedel for $160,000.


Dale Gensamer sold his 1985 Butler Drive estate to Keyway Homes East Three LLC for $100,000.

Jennifer Scott sold her Butler Drive estate to Justin Valenti for $150,000 in 1994.

Charles Marsh has sold the 331 Coleman Drive property to AJC Homes LLC for $165,000.

David Reifenstein sold the 409 Eden Drive property to Anthony Stizza and Grace Metie for $205,000.

Justin Drish sold his 400 Garden City Drive property to Patrick and Lindsay Yarborough for $170,000.

Brady Sean Wonderly sold the 244 Lilac Drive estate to Joseph and Susan Geever for $147,500.

Harry Hilliard has sold his property at 872 Patton Street Ext. For $37,000 to RS Holdings 201 LLC.

Brian Butti has sold the 806 Sweetleaf Drive property to Ashley Weaver for $252,000.


Brent Massar sold the 1067 Fifth St. estate to Clare Cruz for $200,000.

Danielle Ross sold the 722 Sixth St. estate to Cassandra Beveridge for $196,000.

Edward Mulvey sold the 637 Allegheny Ave. property to Mark and Rosemary Studer for $350,000.

Daniel Nye sells the 4 Gloucester Court estate to Terrence John Franciscus for $165,000.

Richard Grabowski sold the 5 Gloucester Court estate to Ashley Anne Klug for $164,500.

John Mauro Estate sold the 1541 Oak Street estate to Lauren Michelle for $200,000.

penn hills

Edyta Szewczyk has sold the 8242 Aber Road property to Benjamin Cramer for $110,000.

Joseph Mazza Jr. Estate sold the 125 Clay Drive estate to Michael Mears for $150,000.

Joshua Kangas has sold the 317 Idlewood Road property to Steven Ascencio and Sarah Murphy for $159,000.

Donna Dott has sold the 6212 Lowell Drive property to Keyway Homes East Three LLC for $115,000.

Natural Home Solutions LLC sold its 1461 Maple Ave. property to Joshua Olsen for $185,507.

Bryan Booth has sold the 7729 Mark Drive property to Hartin Contracting LLC for $40,000.

Kenneth Boehringer Realty sold the 1548 Nash Avenue estate to Kenneth Boehringer for $63,500.

Verum Holdings LLC has sold the 531 Pennview Drive property to Pennview 531 LLC for $152,000.

Theresa Ann Berezanich sold the 2729 Race St. property to Thomas Alan Berezanich for $85,000.

Jason Carr sold the property at 108 Spring Grove Road to Chasity Klemm and Christy Lumsden for $215,000.

Shelley Graham sold the 521 Springdale Drive estate to Sarah Greene for $142,000.

Rebecca Lundgren has sold her 109 University St. property to VB One LLC for $65,000.

Troy Jackson sold the 5631 Verona Road property to Christine Morgan for $144,200.

John Deflavio has sold the 110 Windsor Drive property to Kielem Evans for $148,000.


Genevieve Simpson sold the 410-412 Barking Road property to Thomas and Theresa Berezanich for $30,000.

Robert Strickler Estate sold the 230 Great Smokey Drive estate to Cody James and Margaret Claire Southerland for $230,000.

Right Real Estate LLC sold the property at 120 Lebeouf Drive to Kimberly Villani for $130,000.

Richard Blauser sold the Leechburg Road property to Consol Mining Co. LLC for $305,000.

Richard Malone Estate sold the 4 Malone Street estate to Benjamin and Sarah Schreckengost for $285,000.

Katherine Hoots has sold her Millers Lane property to Meri Properties LLC for $54,000.

Louis Potochnik Jr. sold the 510 Oblock Ave. property to Andrew James McRandal and Hayley Breana Ault for $265,000.

Bank Of America NA has sold the 22 Riviera Road property to Homestead Horizons LLC for $82,000.

swiss veil

James Archer Jr. has sold the 2618 Belmar Pl property to Graves Investment Properties LLC for $53,500.

1106 Rebecca Street LLC has sold the 7303 Burton St. property to Kelly Price for $132,675.

Nakedman Develop LLC has sold the 100 Jeremias St. property to James Gillen and Natasha Terensky for $305,000.

The Mon Valley Initiative has sold the property at 7330 McClure Ave. Unit 2 to Sharareh Kalantar for $150,000.

Calvin Jackson Jr. has sold the 7542 Ormond Street property to CityLife East LLC for $110,000.

Calvin Jackson Jr. sold his 2232 Woodstock Avenue property to CityLife East LLC for $100,000.

Pittsburgh Property Guy LLC has sold the property at 2671 Woodstock Ave. to VB One LLC for $87,500.

turtle creek

John English Sr. sold the 1223 Airbrake Avenue property to Austin and Christian Starr for $26,000.

The James Botti trustee has sold the 326 George St. estate to Daniel and Weny Lynette Bradley for $100,000.

Compass Savings Bank sold the 519 Locust St. property to Stephen Lane for $67,000.


Brandon Mattie has sold the 952 Roland Road property to Zane Robert Hinkle and Ali Marie Geyer for $158,000.


Amelia Brusca has sold the property at 7291 Beacon Hill Drive to Liron Gitig for $90,000.

Alain Tamonoche sold the property at 921 Belmont St. to Xin Jim and Shanyue Zhao for $53,000.

Jack Kaufmann sold the 465 Biddle St. Ubit 5 estate to Daniel Michael Sotak Jr. and Linda Sotak for $149,900.

Amy Huseman has sold the 1701 Doyle St. property to Gloriii LLC for $72,000.

Ellison Walter Le sold the 1500 Foliage St. estate to Christopher Younger for $5,000.

WF Master REO LLC has sold the property at 1326 Franklin Ave. to Linda Ann Banks for $25,000.

Yaronda Scott sold the 922 James Street property to Valerie Dawn Hamilton for $68,900.

Family Links Inc. has sold its 501 Kelly Ave. property to CP Development Business Trust for $358,500.

Monte Bona sold the 822 Mifflin Avenue property to Guillaume and Vanessa Buffrey for $225,000.

Lesans Ramsey sold the 1619 Mill St. property to Penn Pioneer Enterprises LLC for $9,000.

Andrew Venera sold his 831 Savannah Avenue estate to Nathan and Amy Wharton for $375,000.


Jeffrey Tirpak sold the 510 Tenth St. property to Nicole Campbell for $206,000.


Michael Hilt sold the 3583 Hills Church Road property to Joshua and Hilary Kangas for $360,000.

Dennis Casarcia Jr. has sold the property at 4305 Michel Ct to Christopher Jaquez Prado and Adzuira Musule Palacios for $783,000.

Sean Falascino has sold the property at 3312 N Hills Road to Christina Faggioli for $185,000.

Sean Meehan sold the 2212 Woodmont Drive property to Hengfeng Ni and Lin Zheng for $320,000.

North Huntingdon

Robert Struhala sold the 14860 Baird Ct estate to Joshua and Hannah Rutter for $106,400.

Bradley Robinson sold the 1453 Barry Drive estate to Robert Kenneth Saunders II for $262,000.

Daniel Markovich has sold the 259 Bethel Road property to Kingdom Properties South Florida Inc. for $135,000.

John Swanson III sold his 10301 Center Highway estate to Michael Stanja for $95,000.

Ludmila Doroshkevich Estate sold the 180 Christine Drive estate to Adel Lofty Bebawy Yacouba and Vita Doroshkevich for $180,000.

NVR Inc. has sold the 7001 Gio Drive property to Ryan Josef and Danielle Marie Dinizio for $634,130.

NVR Inc. sold the 7106 Gio Drive property to Gabriel Lynn Anderson McNeal and Ashley Lorraine Anderson-McNeal for $510,230.

Maronda Homes LLC has sold the 7873 Isabella Drive property to Ryan David and Danielle Cristina Meyers for $356,390.

Matthew Arvensi sold the 10979 Old Trail Road property to Samuel and Daniel Buck for $185,000.

Paul Kerber has sold the 11679 Parkway Drive property to Steffkat Industries LLC for $845,000.

Robert Trisch has sold the 10030 Piedmont St. property to RP Homes 2 LLC for $225,000.

Caitlin Donnelly sold the 1168 Richard Road estate to Russell and Cyril Ann See for $250,000.

Scott Spillar has sold the 8479 Walnut St. estate to Michael Zeckowski for $130,000.

penn township

Luxor Real Estate LLP has sold the 2000 Augusta Ln property to Brittany Lamonna for $260,000.

NVR Inc. has sold the 1002 Black Sands Drive property to Michael Kaye for $715,100.

Blackthorn Resources Group LP has sold the 1024 Black Sands Drive OG property to Olympus Energy LLC for $483,333.

Blackthorn Investors LLC has sold the 1090 Blackthorne Drive property to NVR Inc. for $101,000.

Andrew Deutsch sold the 1012 Chinaberry Ct estate to Jeffrey and Elizabeth Tirpak for $345,000.

Glenna Grubb has sold the Lauffer Ln estate to Ricky Dennis Goga for $110,000.

Amit Kaura has sold the 1002 Palm Ct estate to Holly Marie Nabors for $437,000.

Ragan’s Farms Inc. sold its Richmond Drive property to Benjamin Succo and Amanda Evans for $134,000.

Michael David Martin Jr. sold his land at 2094 State Route 130 to Gerald Dashak for $78,000.

Donald Dennison sold the 110 Thomas Street estate to James Tobin for $108,000.

Blackthorn Investors LLC has sold the 1043 Wedgewood Drive property to NVR Inc. for $73,844.

NVR Inc. has sold the property at 1054 Wedgewood Drive to Michael and Kristina Beth Castellani for $499,640.

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