Economic confidence rises as virus fears ease

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Expectations for GDP growth improved slightly, with about a quarter of respondents saying the economy had recovered and about half saying it had not.

Cathay Financial Holdings yesterday cited a survey that said confidence in the local economy had improved slightly as concerns over COVID-19 infections eased, while confidence in the local stock market rose. Confidence was also bolstered by a strong share price rebound, he said. It was held from August 1st to 8th.

Cathay Financial said the survey found that 25.2% of respondents thought the economy had improved last month, while 49.3% thought it had worsened.

The figure took the economic optimism index to -24.1, up from -36.2 the previous month, he added.

Photo: Fangpin Chao, Taipei Times

Economic sentiment also improved, with the index of economic optimism over the next six months rising to -43.8 from -60.7.

Thanks to TAIEX’s rebound this month, the domestic stock market optimism index over the next six months surged from -30.5 to -13.6, while the index assessing investors’ risk-taking willingness improved to -5.5 from -14.3. A survey showed.

The index of willingness to buy big-ticket goods improved from -6.9 to -1.4, and the index of home-buying plans fell to -58 from -57.9 as economic sentiment improved. 5 years, an investigation found.

The index, which measures willingness to sell homes, rose to -12.6 from -17.4, ending the first decline in four months.

On average, respondents estimated Taiwan’s economic growth at 2.76% this year, up from 2.68% in a similar survey last month, with 73% expecting annual growth to exceed 2%. says there is.

Respondents expect the CPI to hit 3.02% this year, down slightly from last month’s poll of 3.03%, with 58% expecting it to exceed 3%, the survey showed. it was done.

The study collected 20,127 valid online surveys from customers of Cathay Life Insurance and Cathay United Bank.

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