Editor’s Note: Reality Hits the Virginia Real Estate Market

Although anecdotal about the Virginia housing market, one go-to source of news is the monthly “Breaking Survey” of members of Virginia realtors, conducted at the end of the month and reported at the beginning of the following month. is.

August survey announced. For the first time in this survey, a majority of respondents, albeit a small majority (51%), indicate that they believe Old Dominion home prices will fall in the next quarter. .

For many months it was clear that the market had cooled (and I didn’t know that as I had a house on the market…) but prices were still going up or at least remaining stable. There was a popular belief that the market was running out of stock.

I don’t think many are predicting a home price crash, but buyers could soon gain an edge over sellers.

Mr. Rogers might have said:

Special Election Alert! Special Election Alert! The decision of Rep. Mark Keem (Democrat of Vienna) to take office in the Biden administration means a special election in his constituency, and yesterday we learned that the Speaker of the House set a date of Jan. 10.

In theory, a special election could have been held in conjunction with the November 8 general election, but it would have shortened the time it took for candidates to stand and announce their names. It seems reasonable to go in early January so that the winners are still in time to join the fun in Richmond for the session.

The Republican Party used to have a relatively strong influence in the precinct, but not since Keem took over a decade and a half ago. (“Tempora Mututur, nos et Mutamur in illis”. Those who have studied Latin will recognize, in somewhat barbaric English, “Times change, and we must change with them.”)

Given the Fairfax County tenor at the moment, Republicans practice the Dusty Springfield Political School (one of her biggest hits is “Hope and Hope”) if they expect to deliver a surprise victory here. There is a possibility that But special elections are a strange thing, and this will be further muddled by reactions to the results of the midterm elections in November.
stay tuned ….

About $4.75 too much: The Washington Post on Wednesday cost a whopping $5 on newsstands. That’s because it included a special section highlighting the upcoming season, whatever the name your local NFL team has today.

(Semi-related: Happy birthday to 88-year-old Sonny Jurgensen, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame just over a week ago!)

– Scott McCaffrey

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