El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food FARMacy closed due to lack of resources

El Paso, Texas (KTSM) – The El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank has made the difficult decision to close Food FARMacy, a section of the food bank dedicated to seniors.

The once-full shelves are now left bare, citing lack of workers and financial resources as part of the reason for the closure.

Food FARMacy is a program within a food bank that focuses on El Paso’s seniors and those with food-related illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. People with these types of illnesses need to follow a stricter diet, so FARMacy offers its clients special items such as vegan butter, vitamin water, and other special foods low in sugar and salt. To do.

Due to the closure the food bank is no longer able to serve them.

“And for many of our clients, what that means is that if they go to the grocery store, they can’t afford healthier foods, and unless they can maintain a diet, they can never improve their health. – Susan Goodell, CEO El Pasoans Food Banks Fighting Hunger

According to Goodell, it was a very heartbreaking decision to close FARMacy, but the lack of resources forced it to do so.

“Since the pandemic began, we have seen a real decline in the number of volunteers, and at the same time we have lost other financial resources, too many to manage all of this at the same time.”

Goodell hopes that in the coming months food banks will be able to ask backers for funding to reopen FARMacy so it can once again help those in need.

“We hope to use this time to build our financial resources, rebuild our volunteer base, and reopen Food FARMacy as a real Food FARMacy.”

If you want to join El Pasoans Fighting Hunger, you can find all the information on this website.

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