Ellie Goulding was a ‘metalhead’ when she was a teenager | Entertainment

Ellie Goulding was a metalhead and a ‘Kerrang! girl’ in her teens.

The “Easy Lover” hitmaker may be a pop star with a penchant for ballads, but she’s a rocker at heart and can’t wait to “shred” her guitar on her next tour.

she said: That’s the plan for me. I play guitar for the most part. It takes a fair amount of rehearsal. Went on tour a few times with… Oddly enough, I think I was more focused on the songs.

While going through a list of bands she loves, including System of a Down, Deftones, and Spineshank, Ellie confessed that she was never into an indie band.

In an interview with Bustle, she said: [Laughs] It reminded me of the spine shank. I basically bought a Kerrang! Every week, sometimes I was on NME, but I wasn’t really into the indie bands at the time, so I wasn’t an NME girl. I like the band Glassjaw, and I’m more of a hardcore band. I was a proper Kerrang! girl. “

Her guitar heroes are Tom Morello, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, although she branded the latter a “little ad***”.

Elsewhere, the “Rights” hitmaker was “really insecure” about her singing voice after being told to “stick to playing guitar” because her vocals were “not to everyone’s taste.” I remember being made to feel

When asked if she had always been a confident singer, she replied: It made me feel really, really insecure. I was really influenced by what other people thought of me. I had imposter syndrome. I didn’t think I deserved success. “

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