Emirates to invest more than $350 million in next-generation in-flight entertainment system for new A350 fleet

Emirates has selected the new Thales AVANT Up system for its new fleet of Airbus A350 aircraft due for delivery in 2024, as part of its ongoing effort to ensure its customers ‘fly better’.

With the airline’s investment of over $350 million, 50 powerful A350s will be equipped with next-generation in-flight entertainment solutions to deliver a memorable, cinematic and personalized passenger experience.

Adele Al Reda of the Emirates

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) said: Today, Emirates Ice continues to be unmatched in in-flight entertainment content and experiences, winning the award for the last 14 consecutive years. Our investment in next-generation Thales systems for our new A350 fleet will allow us to further build on our competitive edge and deliver an even better experience to our customers. Check out this space. “

Yannick Assoad, executive vice president of Thales Avionics, said:

“Thales is proud to partner with Emirates on their mission to Fly Better. AVANT Up from Thales brings Emirates the latest consumer technology and features to the aircraft. Optiq 4K QLED HDR display, award winning Combining historic dynamic power with next-generation digital services, Emirates customers can expect extraordinary things.”

Thales’ AVANT Up system breakthrough technology features an Optiq 4k QLED HDR display. It’s the only aircraft display that uses Samsung’s QLED technology to immerse the viewer in his 1 billion+ colors. This rich display capability is Emirates’ unparalleled ice in-flight entertainment offering offering multilingual content on over 5,000 channels including Live TV, the latest blockbuster movies, TV shows, hit songs and the world’s first in-flight shopping channel. provide the best medium for Emirates Red.

Thales’ new system also offers an enhanced ‘live’ TV solution that offers the widest selection of live TV and news in the highest resolution available at 40,000 feet.

Emirates customers can also expect enhanced passenger connectivity with Optiq. Optiq is the industry’s first smart display to offer two Bluetooth connections, with built-in Wi-Fi that allows passengers to pair multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, headphones and even game controllers. Supports USB-C up to 60 watts to fast charge your personal devices.

To further enhance passenger engagement, Emirates will enable highly integrated personalization capabilities, enhanced personal electronic device (PED) capabilities and immersive experiences for visually impaired passengers We have selected various AVANT Up digital services, including user interface enhancements.

Emirates is also the first airline in the world to choose Thales’ Pulse, a patented power management technology that ensures charging performance is unaffected by how many users are charging their devices at the same time. I have.

Reflecting their shared vision to innovate and shape the in-flight experience of the future, Emirates and Thales also continue their programmatic collaboration through Dubai’s Aviation X-Lab, an aviation-focused incubator.

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