Entertainment Expert’s Tangram Raid

Entertainment Expert's Tangram Raid

Tangram Insurance Services, one of the largest independent general insurance underwriters and program managers in the United States, has announced the acquisition of Los Angeles-based New Empire Entertainment Insurance.

New Empire specializes in the entertainment industry and has helped thousands of production companies and independent producers protect their work.

New Empire CEO James Bekhor said: “Tangram’s relationships, innovation and experience will accelerate New His Empire’s overall programming offerings and commitment to the entertainment industry.”

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Rekha Skantharaja, President and CEO of Tangram Insurance Services, said: “As Tangram leaps forward, we are seeking programs and teams that will deepen our capabilities in specific market segments. The entertainment industry continues to show resilience and opportunity after the challenges of the past two years.

“We are delighted to be able to offer insurance solutions to companies and people who produce films, music and special events. We are particularly proud that our independent entrepreneurial culture continues to resonate with our industry peers.” I am thinking.”

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