Entertainment Thought Winona Ryder’s Boyfriend Was Milla Jovovich

Winona Ryder’s boyfriend thought she was Milla Jovovich when they first met.

The 50-year-old actress says it’s ‘surprising’ that fashion designer Scott McKinley Hahn, whom she has been dating since 2011, isn’t in the same industry as her, but that her lack of knowledge about Hollywood led to funny mishaps. I think that..

She told UK’s Harper’s Bazaar:

“He thought I was Milla Jovovich. He told me I was great in The Fifth Element.”

After splitting from Johnny Depp in 1993, the “Stranger Things” actress recently admitted that she “didn’t care” about her.

Winona said of the 1999 film Girl, Interrupted, about a young woman in a mental hospital, “That was my real life in Girl, Interrupted.

“I remember playing this character who would end up being tortured in a Chilean prison. [in the 1994 drama ‘The House of the Spirits’].

“I often see these fake bruises and cuts on my face. [from the shoot], and I had a hard time seeing myself as this little girl. “Are you going to treat this girl the way you treat yourself?” I remember looking at myself and saying. Because I didn’t take care of myself. “

Winona is grateful for the support she received from her “Age of Innocence” co-star Michelle Pfeiffer at the time.

She said: “I remember Michelle saying, ‘This will pass,’ but I didn’t hear it.

“I never talked about it. I have a very private part. There was a place in my heart back then. is difficult.”

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