Epicenter jewelry store forced to close after auction delay

The Epic Times jewelry store hoped to hold on long enough to make a comeback under new Epicenter ownership, but the debt piled up too high.

Charlotte, North Carolina — Uptown’s Favorite Jewelry Store Latest epicenter business Closing its doors as the future of large real estate remains in doubt.

Epic Times Jewelry Store Since 2015, it has been the epicenter diamond. Come on, time is ticking Until August 31st, When the lease ends and you have to go out permanently.

“circleWe tried to do the best we could with what we had, but the epicenter decided to pull the plug. “ Shopkeeper J.Shared by Ames Mack.

According to Mack, his store was hitting record highs every year and was a huge success, but the pandemic hit and the epicenter was seizedhuman traffic dried up and bills flooded.

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“We were trying to make millions of dollars at this point,” says Mack. “You couldn’t tell me then that I was making $0 at this point.”

Epic Times is behind on $11,000 in rent and is liquidating all of its jewelry to cover some of its losses.

Mack said he hopes to stay with Epicenter long enough to become the new owner, hoping the positive news will bring customers back to the hub. It’s too late.

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No reason was given for the delay, but the new auction date for interested parties to bid on Epicenter is August 9th..

of Existing business inside We hope the new owners will bring a revival to the area.

As for Mac, he hasn’t given up on finding a new home for his shop.

“S“Somebody can help us take back our place in Uptown Charlotte and be a beacon of hope,” Mack said.

Epicentre still has some businesses running, and when new owners take over, they will take over the property as is.

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