Evening storms can cause flash floods

Severe storms are possible in New Jersey tonight and into the night. Storms can cause flooding.

stormwatch team Meteorologist Dave Cullen says dry conditions will continue after tonight for the next few days.

tonight: Strong storms are possible and flash flooding from dry ground is possible. Temperatures drop to the low 70s overnight.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, light breeze. Midday highs in the late 80’s. Temperatures drop to the low 60s for him overnight.

Thursday Friday: Many sunny days with low humidity. The temperature is in the mid 80’s for him and the conditions are excellent. Overnight lows would cool him down to his early 60s.

Saturday: Sun and clouds, daytime highs hover around 81 and night lows hover around 62.

Sunday: Cloudy, sometimes sunny. Possibility of rain in the afternoon. The maximum temperature during the day is around 90 degrees.

labor day: Mostly cloudy with showers on and off. Daytime highs are around 84°C and nighttime lows are around 67°C.

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