Examining Former President Trump, the Economy, and the Ukraine War | Hot Off the Wire Podcast

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It’s been a complicated week for former President Donald Trump.

The FBI raided his Mar-a-Lago estate on Monday as part of a Justice Department investigation into the discovery of classified White House records moved to Florida.

The former president was later in New York Wednesday as part of a civil investigation, but said he exercised his Fifth Amendment rights during a deposition.

And on Thursday, we learned that the Justice Department has asked the court to open the search warrant used in the FBI search. Attorney General Merrick Garland said he personally approved the warrant, citing a “substantial public interest in this matter.”

That night, Trump posted on his Truth Social platform: “Release the documents now!”

Download the bonus episode of Hot Off the Wire to learn more about the incident. Called his FBI investigation into former President Donald Trump.

In political news, the Democrats came close to passing an economic policy. Indiana became the first state to approve an abortion ban following a recent Supreme Court ruling. A Trump-supporting candidate won the Wisconsin primary. President Joe Biden signed into law a bill to help veterans. A former police officer was also convicted for his role in the Jan. 6 riots.

It’s been a week of lawsuits involving hate crimes, abortions and misinformation.

In other national news, President Biden will visit Kentucky and a new general will lead American forces in Africa.

Concerns about the economy continued this week, but some reports indicate that we may see some easing.

Consumer and producer prices showed some improvement in July. Gasoline prices continued to fall, with the national average dropping below $4 a gallon by midweek. Airfares have also fallen.

The job market was somewhat mixed as employers continued to add jobs, but unemployment claims are up. Grocery deliveries are also down, presumably due to higher prices.

In other news, Kia announced a recall, and Twitter made news of a deal with Elon Musk and a security breach.

In international news, President Biden signed the CHIPS Act into law. This angered China and heightened tensions between the two countries and Taiwan.

There have been several updates from Ukraine, including the destruction of a Russian jet, Ukrainian resistance, and the return of the fast food giant.

New Zealand welcomes cruise ships as COVID restrictions ease and Germany deals with drought.

Finally, we cover health and science news, including lawsuits over the relationship between climate and disease, Lyme disease vaccines, monkeypox, spider sleep patterns, the decline of freshwater, and the link between pharmacy chains and the opioid crisis.

— Compiled and narrated by Terry Lipshetz from the Associated Press report

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