Falgni and Shane Peacock Announce Return to New York Fashion Week

During an intimate dinner held at Priyanka Chopra-Jonas and Maneesh Goyal’s trendy Indian restaurant in New York, Sona met with celebrities and supporters for Indian husband and wife fashion design duo Shane and Falguni Peacock. Welcomed to the Big Apple by the herd. and friends.

During the evening’s affairs, the couple was congratulated and toasted by host Anjula Acharya, CEO of A-Series Investments and Management Alvina Patel Buxani, Vice President of Brand Marketing and Commercials, Farfetch and restaurateur Goyal. , Shane also announced the news that the brand will be returning for New York Fashion Week in Spring 2023.

The couple’s line, called Falguni Shane Peacock, ran 10 seasons of shows at New York Fashion Week, ending with its final show in Fall/Winter 2015. Drive a new vision for your brand.

“When we pulled out of New York Fashion Week, we hadn’t made Indian clothes yet. That’s when Falguni and I decided we wanted to start,” says Shane. “So in 2016 we launched our new Indian brand and since then we have taken the business forward and he has become one of the top Indian designers in the business.”

As they built the Indian side of their business, they also continued to create western-style clothing and now have several collections spanning men’s, Indian bridal couture, western couture, athleisure and women’s advanced contemporary. They’ve also created a limited edition collection of handwoven rugs and plan to launch beauty and accessories in the future.

“They create dreams, they sell dreams, and those dreams come true for their customers through their amazing workmanship, cuts, silhouettes, and the way the clothes cover the body,” says Acaria. “I believe Instagram as a platform has created a global demand for this brand. It’s a vision board for those who like to play with style.”

This craftsmanship, Acharya recounts, has drawn many celebrity fans to the designer, from Britney Spears to Beyoncé, as all of Peacock’s products are hand-embroidered and beaded, and their clothes are featured at the Met Gala. appeared on hundreds of red carpets from 2000 to 2000. Cannes Film Festival.

“Since 2016, we have opened six stores and hope to open four more this year,” says Falguni. “We also looked at potential properties for our New York store. We already have an office in New York, and our CEO is based in New York, so it makes sense to expand our presence here. I have.”

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